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Motorhome RepublicHere’s a tough question – what’s the best way to do a brewery tour? Walk, bike, run, by motorhome? We’re partnered with our friends at Motorhome Republic, the world’s largest online Motorhome and RV rental agency to promote our brewery tours and Vancouver as a craft beer destination for thirsty road travellers.

Not only is Vancouver a renowned destination for travelers with a mix of scenic mountains, abundance of outdoor activities, world class cuisine and more, the city is also considered one of the top craft beer destinations in North America. Vancouver is also a short distance from beautiful Whistler, the Okanagan Valley and Vancouver Island making it a perfect launching destination for RV and motorhome enthusiasts.

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Beers on Tour

Latest List of Vancouver’s Best Breweries

Best Breweries Latest Rankings

The latest list of the best breweries in the city was recently released by our friends at TripSavvy ( These lists are published fairly often by all sorts of different websites, magazines, social media influencers and of course, from within the local beer community itself. Do we happen to like this list in particular because we work with 9 out of the 10 breweries listed… you bet it is! Tourism is a big industry in this city, and if tourists are using this list as a starting point, they’re doing pretty great!


A lot of the usual suspects are on the list, Brassneck, Strange Fellows Brewing, Parallel 49 and Main Street Brewing of course. We are also delighted to see our other good friends up there: Vancouver legend Steve Forsyth’s Off the Rail Brewing, the always cool Postmark Brewing, a personal fave Powell Brewery, every cyclists favourite Bomber Brewing and of course, the perennial local rock stars at Storm.

We are very luck to live and drink in such a rich community of amazing breweries. While this list is hardly exhaustive of the amazing beer that is being brewed here. We are okay with the word getting out a little bit! The sun is shining, and that means summer is here. Grab some friends and join us on a Vancouver Brewery Tour. We visit all of these breweriesBeer Pour and more!

Read the whole article here:

Beers on Tour

New Vancouver Brewery - Phantom Beer Co.

Peak Beer and New Breweries for 2018

Peak Beer and New Breweries for 2018

Recently an article on the CBC website caught our eye, more like raised a few eyebrows. The article claims that Vancouver has hit “peak beer” and is the opinion of the article that the BC market is becoming saturated with craft breweries, is considered a mature market, or in other words, continued growth is not sustainable. Funny!

Cautionary click bait terms like “peak beer” can be damaging to the perception of an industry that shows no signs of slowing down – in fact the opposite is true if you look at recent numbers coming from the BC Liquor Distribution Branch and Beer Me BC – craft beer sales and consumption continue to rise in BC year after year. One needs only look to our Cascadian friends to the south in Portland Oregon for inspiration on what is truly possible for the BC craft beer market, where a whopping 67% of draught beer consumed in the state is produced by local, Oregon breweries. Not to mention that Portland has almost 3 times the amount of breweries as Vancouver. So are we hitting “peak beer” or just getting started? We’ll leave that to the consumer to decide.

While the doomsday crowd can have their peak beer, we’d rather focus on some exciting new additions to the Vancouver craft beer community expected to open in 2018. Plenty of rumours are swirling and here’s a list of some new breweries to watch for, and some to hope for!

T&B Brewing Co.

We first launched this story last month and anticipation continues to rise for what promises to be an exciting new concept in the historic Opsal Steel Building. With the news that ex-Bridge Brewing Head Brewery Kerry Dyson will lead brewery operations for the newest addition to Tap & Barrel’s line up of restaurants, you can expect some fantastic beers from this new Vancouver brewery.

Electric Bicycle Brewing

It’s no secret the brightly coloured building on 4th Ave. is getting ready to open their doors to the thirsty Brewery Creek crowd. Watch for a unique space and interesting beers, and a welcomed addition to walking brewery tours in the area.

Wild Eye Brewing

The North Shore craft beer community continues to grow with Wild Eye Brewing. Currently with 6 breweries to call their own, it’s been many years since shore folk needed to cross a bridge into Vancouver to get great beer. Located just over the 2nd Narrows, follow their growth and watch for updates on their Instagram account

Phantom Beer Company

Spooky! Announced just 2 months ago, another brewery is coming to East Vancouver called Phantom Beer. Details are mum for Phantom Beer Company, so follow their Instagram account and sign up for their newsletter for updates

Kitsilano Brewing Co.

Will this brewery open or is it still in the dream phase? Who knows, but either way we wish the team behind Kitsilano Brewing all the best, and please, please make this happen!

Superflux Beer Co.

Ok we don’t know for sure but rumours are out there, one could say it’s only a matter of time until Vancouver’s most popular contract brewers find their own space. This wouldn’t be a big deal right??


Do you have the inside scoop of any new breweries coming to Vancouver? If so leave a comment below!


Vancouver Brewery Tours - The Lotus Cycling Club

Proud Sponsor of The Lotus Cycling Club

The Lotus Cycling Club - Group Ride


Vancouver Brewery Tours Joins with The Lotus Cycling Club

Vancouver Brewery Tours is excited to announce our sponsorship of The Lotus Cycling Club for 2018. As a Service Sponsor for the upcoming riding season, club members have access to discounts on all our brewery tours, because what goes better than a well-deserved beer (or a few) after a long ride?

We’re proud to partner with one of Vancouver’s premier cycling clubs which include over 100 cycling enthusiasts. The Lotus Cycling Club has been promoting healthy and active lifestyles in the community for the last 4 years and 2018 promises to be the club’s biggest year yet.

Want to join? Registration is now open and can be found here:

The Lotus Cycling Club


Love at 1st Flight - Valentines Day Graphic

Valentine’s Day Brewery Tour – Love at 1st Flight

This year we’re celebrating Valentine’s Day the only way we know how – with lots of beer! Our 5th annual Valentine’s Day Brewery Tour “Love at 1st Flight” takes you on a tour of our most romantic breweries and includes an evening of beers over candlelight, a full meal and a special sweet treat made just for you.

The romantic, beer fueled adventure begins at Postmark Brewery to learn about all things beer while enjoying the comforting ambience of the Settlement Building. The journey continues to Luppolo Brewing for more beer and an Italian inspired meal to be enjoyed with your new tour friends. The journey ends on a sweet note in North Vancouver at Deep Cove Brewers and Distillers, where the chef has a custom made brownie dessert to compliment some of the beers you’ll be drinking.

A limited number of tickets to the ‘Love at 1st Flight” tour are available for $89 plus tax per person. Seats can be booked online HERE, and may be reserved by phone at 604-318-2280, or by email to

Tour Details

Love at 1st Flight – A Valentines Day Brewery Tour
Wednesday February 14th
Meet Up: 3:45pm inside Waterfront Station
Transportation Included
Includes full meal, all beer and dessert

Buy your tickets here:


Love at 1st Flight - Valentines Day Graphic


Coquitmal Craft Beer Festival

Coquitlam Craft Beer Festival

Coquitlam Craft Beer Festival

If you’ve been looking for the next amazing beer festival to attend, look no further than The Coquitlam Craft Beer Festival! Set to take place on March 9th and 10th, 2018 the popular annual event will be held at the Westwood Plateau Golf & Country Club. 40+ local BC breweries will be participating, which means more than 120 unique beers will be offered! Food from some of the best local restaurants and caterers will also be included in the ticket price.

Vancouver Brewery Tours VanVancouver Brewery Tours will be providing a free shuttle between the event and the Lafarge Lake-Douglas skytrain station on both dates, so leave the car at home, and no need to worry about a designated driver!

New to the festival this year will be a Cask Corner with a select number of unique casks. Confirmed casks as of January 10th include; A Frame Brewing, Bomber Brewing, Coal Harbour Brewing, Fuggles & Warlock, Off the Rail, Stanley Park, Strathcona Beer Company and Twa Dogs.

Coquitlam got its first craft brewery in September of 2017 when Mariner Brewing opened their doors. Opening soon will be Port Coquitlam’s first, Northpaw Brew Co. Neighboring Port Moody has seen a recent burst of four new breweries since 2014, and the area they reside in is now referred to as Brewers Row.

The Coquitlam Craft Beer Festival is proud to partner with Team Taylor of the The Ride to Conquer Cancer, benefiting the BC Cancer Foundation. There will be a silent auction, as well as a grand prize draw, with 100% of proceeds raised going to Team Taylor, plus different gifts and merchandise from the breweries.

Coquitlam Craft Beer Festival 2018
Westwood Plateau Golf & Country Club
3251 Plateau Boulevard, Coquitlam
Friday March 9, 7pm-9:30pm – $59
Saturday March 10, 12pm-2:30pm – $49

Buy Tickets Here



Vancouver Brewery Tours at Storm Brewing

The Right Way to Drink Craft Beer

You’ve just got home from your local liquor store with a sweet haul of your favourite craft beers and you’re ready to crack a few open. Before you do, did you know that with just a few basic tips you can get the most out of your sampling experience? Vancouver Brewery Tours Lead Tour Guide Rachel Riggs knows a thing or two about the subject and has put together a 3 part series of some VERY helpful tips on the Right Way to Drink Craft Beer.

Lead Tour Guide Rachel - Vancouver Brewery Tours

What Glassware is Best for Craft Beer?

By Rachel K. Riggs – Lead Tour Guide

First of all, craft beer should always be poured into another vessel, whether it’s glass or plastic or even a coffee cup (though glass is ideal). One of the reasons we pour beer is to develop that foamy head, where tons of the aroma lies. If you can’t smell what you’re eating or drinking, you will not experience its flavor to its fullest potential.

Use a room temperature glass (more on temperature in Part 3 of this blog post series).

Now, which glass to choose: Shaker pint? Tulip? Pilsner? Just like in the wine world, there’s a lot of options when it comes to what type of glass to pour your beer into, and it varies with the style of beer.

Tulip Glasses – The tapered shape focuses aroma both produces and maintains a foamy head. Good for Saisons, Belgians, IPAs.

Weizen – Tall and with a wide upper portion to accommodate a large amount of head. Best choice for wheat beers.

Snifter – tapered mouth is ideal for beers with strong flavors and aromas. Good choice for barleywine and imperial stouts.

Pilsner – narrow shape shows off color and clarity. Good for, you guessed it, pilsners, as well as other light styles like lagers, blonde ales, and kolsches.

Flute – long and narrow to maintain carbonation. Good for: Goses / Gueuzes, kettle sours, fruit beers

Shaker Pint or Nonic Pint – versatile & inexpensive. Good for pale ales, brown ales, porters, English bitters

Note that it is NOT necessary to own every possible style of beer glass out there! Some glasses are more versatile than others and work well for a range of different styles.

Next Up:
The Right Way to Drink Beer – Part 2
Timing – When should I drink my craft beer?

T&B Brewing Co. - Tap and Barrel Brewing Company - formerly Steel Toad Brewing Co.

Vancouver’s Newest Brewery – T&B Brewing Co.

Some exciting news to share out of the historic Brewery Creek neighborhood. Tap and Barrel has recently announced the takeover of the Opsal Steel Building (formerly Steel Toad Brewing Co.). It will soon become Brewhall

Tap and Barrel has released the following statement:


For Immediate Release



VANCOUVER, BC, JANUARY 18, 2018 – Vancouver’s Brewery Creek neighbourhood is about to welcome an exciting addition that will change the landscape of the province’s Craft Beer scene with the Spring 2018 launch of Tap & Barrel owned T&B Brewing Co., which will house their Brew Lab, dedicated to craft beer product innovation. This small batch brewery located at 97 East 2nd Ave., (formerly Steel Toad Brewery) in the heritage Opsal Steel building, will collaborate with other breweries as a platform to showcase great local talent and push the boundaries on small batch product development in BC’s burgeoning craft beer scene.

T&B Brewing Co. will house a large format modern-day beer hall, showcasing exclusive and innovative products both on tap, and on plate, including locally distilled barrel-aged cocktails and partner brewing collaborations called collabobeers. “We are very excited about taking our collabobeers to a whole new level; we see this as a natural strategic step in our company’s evolution. We are heavily invested in the local craft beer industry in this province. This gives us the ability to take our collaborations and innovations to an unprecedented level, while deepening our relationships with our brewery partners,” exclaims Ryan T&B Brewing Co. - Tap and Barrel Brewing CompanyCraig, Tap & Barrel’s Beverage Director.

Pilot brewing will commence in early February. “We have an amazing opportunity to work with the community, collaborating with others in the area and focusing on creating an exciting and changing line up,” exclaims Kerry Dyson, Head Brewer of T&B Brewing Co., former Head Brewer of Bridge Brewing Company. “Working with innovative styles and bringing others together for collaborations will keep our beers fresh, local and exciting.”

Tap & Barrel launched its first restaurant five and a half years ago as the anchor tenant in False Creek’s Olympic Village neighbourhood, only two blocks away from the soon-to-open brewery. “Tap & Barrel has played a pivotal role in raising the awareness for the local craft beer industry through their restaurants. They have always been innovators, and this Innovation Brewery is sure to push not only Tap & Barrel but the industry to a new level. I’m excited to see the great collaborations our members will be creating with the T&B Brewing Co. team,” exclaims Ken Beattie, Executive Director of the British Columbia Craft Brewers Guild.

Vancouver born and bred, Tap & Barrel has quickly grown to five landmark BC locations. “Our mainstay has always been to celebrate our partners, and we are so blessed to be living in such a bountiful province fueled by passion and creativity,” states Tap & Barrel founder and CEO Daniel Frankel. “Our guests know that our restaurants offer the taste of here – the best that our local purveyors have to offer. Now we are able to deepen our reach as we enter this exciting new chapter and collaborate with our brewing partners at a deeper level.” Tap & Barrel plans to open the new brewery and beer hall concept this coming spring. Details of the concept are forthcoming, but Frankel promises “there is nothing else like it in Canada.”

About Tap & Barrel

Daniel Frankel opened the first Tap & Barrel in July 2012 in Vancouver’s Olympic Village. Feeling that too many restaurants offer the same experience, Frankel wanted to create and curate the best of local, where guests can always try something new and truly experience “the taste of here.” As its namesake suggests, Tap & Barrel is heavily focused on a sustainable bar program, exclusively serving local independent craft beer and premium wines on tap. Today Tap & Barrel sells more local craft beer than any other restaurant in the province. Tap & Barrel is for people who love to tap into everything local, from culinary through beverages and culture. Driven by passion, this local Vancouver company has grown to five locations, which includes two smaller TAPshack concepts, and is planning continued growth.


Vancouver Brewery Tours - Dine Out Vancouver Luppolo Brewing Pouring Growlers

East Van Craft Brewery and Food Tour – Dine Out 2018

Dine Out Vancouver 2018 – East Van Craft Brewery and Food Tour

Vancouver Brewery Tours - Dine Out Vancouver Luppolo Brewing Pouring Growlers

Each year we have the opportunity to participate in Dine Out Vancouver, an annual event that showcases the best of Vancouver’s culinary scene with an impressive selection of special events, restaurants and much more. Dine Out attracts thousands of locals and visitors from all over the world and encourages people to explore our local food scene at a traditionally slower time of year.

For 2018, we decided to go back to our roots and pay homage to the very first tour we offered 5 years ago in 2013, but with a new twist. Our first tour, the “East Van Craft Brews and Culinary Tour” was in partnership with local food tour company Off the Eaten Track who introduced our guests to a few local foodie gems because back then, you could barely find any food at our local breweries beyond a few bread products and pepperoni sticks! Fast forward 5 years, and the culinary scene inside our breweries has changed dramatically and we’d like to show you just how far it’s come.

Now in our 5th year with Dine Out Vancouver,  we’re proud to present the East Van Craft Brewery and Food Tour where we’ll be highlighting not only some of the best beers of our craft beer community, but also some of the best culinary dishes available inside our east van breweries for Dine Out 2018. The tour takes place in the iconic East Van neighbourhood, or as it’s affectionately known in the beer community “Yeast Van”.

We’ll be visiting three of our most popular East Van breweries starting off at the award winning Strange Fellows Brewing. Guests will go behind the scenes to learn brewing 101 before sampling a few beers. Next up is Luppolo Brewing Co, fresh off of celebrating their one year anniversary in November 2017, guests will not only enjoy a flight of Luppolo beers but also a dish that celebrates the Italian culture and heritage that inspired the brewery. And finally, we head further into East Van to the vibrant yellow building on Powell that Andina Brewing Co. calls home. After a flight of Andina beers we’ll also enjoy a dish that showcases the spirt of the Columbian roots of the owners of Andina.

Each tour is 3.5 hours long and includes all beer flights, and food dishes at our final two stops. Transportation including pick up and drop off will be included as well as behind the scenes brewery tours at each stop.

Join us on our East Van Craft Brewery and Food Tour during January 18th to February 3rd, 2018.

For more information, and to reserve your seats, please visit the Dine Out Vancouver Website at


The Vancouver Brewery Tours Team

Vancouver Brewery Tours at Deep Cove Brewing

Vancouver Brewery Tours Named One of North America’s Top Tours

We’re pretty excited and humbled to be listed as one of North America’s best tours for 2017 by our friends at the Flight Network! There’s no shortage of great things to do as you travel around our beautiful continent and thankfully the good folks at the Flight Network put together a comprehensive list of must do experiences that includes not only our brewery tours but also our local friends at Vancouver Foodie Tours, Forbidden Vancouver Tours and even our pals down south in Portland at Brewvana Brewery Tours!

Check out the entire list here

Here’s what the Flight Network had to say about our Vancouver Brewery Tours:

Dates: Year round
Prices: $79.99 CAD
Location: Vancouver, British Columbia
Ready to drink like a local? Then the experts at Vancouver Brewery Tours have your back. These city-wide tours not only showcase Vancouver’s most unique and popular local craft breweries, but highlight some of the best and most historic neighborhoods along the way. Although it’s dubbed the ‘Portland of the north’, you’ll leave this tour with the firm belief that this city can hold it’s own — especially when it comes to craft beers.

Flight Network Best Tours - Vancouver Brewery Tours