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Customize This with Sigil and Growler!

Vancouver Brewery Tours Inc. - Custom Growlers by Sigil and GrowlerThis week’s featured friend of Vancouver Brewery Tours is none other than the local artists at Sigil and Growler.

The company started out as KLO Portfolios and built its reputation on producing custom made portfolio’s for students in the design industry. Fast forward a few years and  they are now producing some of the coolest craft beer related products in Vancouver; custom engraved growlers.

Growler mania has definitely hit Vancouver with every brewery in town offering customers the option to take home fresh beer in growlers. Up until Sigil and Growler came along however, consumers only had one option for growlers, and that was to buy them direct from the breweries in Vancouver. Realizing there was an opportunity to offer craft beer fans the opportunity to personalize and customize their own growlers, owners Addel and Tarlan set out to integrate their new idea into their existing business and voila, Sigil and Growler was born.

So how does custom engraved growlers work? You can either bring in a design of your own, or browse through their existing catalog for ideas. On our Vancouver Brewery Tour, we’ve seen guests create custom growlers for stag/bachelor party brewery tours, custom birthday party growlers, and probably most popular is custom growlers for corporate and staff events. We even had our friends create a custom growler for our Big Lebowski Brewery and Bowling Tour with a picture of the Dude on the front!

So if you’re looking for a unique gift this year, check out our friends at Sigil and Growler for more info!


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BeerMeBC 2016 People’s Choice Awards

Vancouver Brewery Tours Inc. - Beer Me BCIn the fourth annual BC craft beer survey we asked you, BC craft beer drinkers, about your favourite events breweries and beers. Compiling the results we have come up with the top 5 in each category. From Best Craft Beer Event to Best BC Craft Beer, here are the 2016 Beer Me BC People’s Choice Awards.

The people have spoken! Do you agree? Did you vote?



Categories include:

  • Best BC Beer Festival
  • Best Spring/Summer Seasonal BC Craft Beer
  • Best Fall/Winter Seasonal BC Craft Beer
  • Most Often Consumed BC Craft Beer
  • Best New BC Craft Brewery
  • Best BC Craft Brewery

To find out who won > visit BeerMeBC.

Congratulations to all of the winners! The craft beer culture in BC is alive and thriving. It’s a great time for us in BC. A special congrats to our Vancouver Brewery Tours partners Brassneck Brewery and Faculty Brewing.

Beer Me BC was founded in 2012 by Dustan Sept. In the early days it was a personal account of craft beer adventures within British Columbia. Quickly the site evolved to become an industry voice for craft beer within the province. Today, Beer Me BC is the largest online news source for craft beer news, events and reviews coverage in BC. Grab a pint and come along for the ride!

Vancouver Brewery Tours Inc. - Owner David at Powell Brewery

Powell Brewery Turns 4!

Vancouver Brewery Tours Inc. - Owner David at Powell St BreweryLocal Craft Brewery Powell Brewery a True Local Success Story

There are a lot of really great stories behind our local craft breweries in Vancouver. Each one is unique and has its own vision, approach to brewing and inspiration behind why it got started in the first place. From James Walton at Storm Brewing finding his brew house in a scrap yard in New Westminster, to local craft beer champion Nigel Springthorpe from the Alibi Room opening Brassneck Brewing, the list goes on.

One of the best examples of a local success story has to be the owners behind Powell Brewery. Celebrating their 4th year anniversary this week, the brewery came from humble beginnings as a husband and wife team with a dream to bring their small batch beers to the newly emerging craft scene in Vancouver back in 2012. Fast forward to 2016 and the brewery has experienced big success and continues to build on their already impressive list of accolades.

Beer of the Year in Canada

The 1st nano-brewery in Vancouver, Powell Brewery opened with a small list of rotating taps including their popular Dive Bomb Porter, Hopdemonium IPA and Old Jalopy Pale Ale. In fact, so popular was the Old Jalopy Pale Ale that after only 6 months of being in business, the small brick lined brewery on Powell St. hit the jackpot by winning Beer of the Year in Canada at the Canadian Brewing Awards in 2013. A HUGE distinction for such a small brewery!
The award brought immediate success to Powell Brewery with the result being line ups out the door (and around the block) and beers selling out at a fast rate. No small feat to deal with as owner and head brewer David had kept his full time job as an architect and was essentially working two full time jobs during this upswing in business.

A New Home for Powell Brewery

Fast forward a few years, and the team has since moved down the street into a much larger facility (4000 square feet to be exact) which has allowed the team to increase their daily tap list, experiment and play with barrel aging, enter the canning and bottling markets with force, and increase the size of their team.

To celebrate their 4th anniversary, Powell Brewery has released a special, limited release beer aptly named “4th Anniversary Ale” to mark the occasion. The beer is a barleywine aged in French Oak Barrels for 18 months with the addition of two strains of Brettanomyces giving the beer a pleasant and funky aroma complemented by flavours of stone fruits and a sherry like finish.

Since joining our tours back in 2015, Powell Brewery has been a popular stop for our guests, and the team at Vancouver Brewery Tours wishes them nothing but the best and continued success for their next 4 years and beyond!

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VBT Featured in the Westender Holiday Gift Guide

Christmas is only one week away and if you’re like me, you’ve probably got alot of shopping and last minute running around to do! Thankfully our friends at the Westender have put together an A to Z list of great holiday gift ideas, and we’re thrilled to have our super popular Vancouver Brewery Tours Gift Certificates on the list!

Click on the link or picture below to start shopping, and happy holidays beer lovers!

Westender A-Z Holiday Gift Guide

Vancouver Brewery Tours Inc. - Westender


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Turkey’s Done – Time for a Brewery Tour!

Vancouver Brewery Tours Inc. - Brewery at Doan's Craft BrewingVancouver Brewery Tours Holiday Schedule

Looking for fun things to do in Vancouver this holiday season? Is your family full of curious craft beer loving imbibers who enjoy visiting local craft breweries? If you answered yes to these questions keep reading!
With the holiday season in full swing and shopping (hopefully!) coming to an end soon, many families are starting the conversation about what to do over the Christmas holiday break. Thankfully we’re running a whole bunch of Vancouver Brewery Tours during the holidays to give you a really good reason to get out of the house and into our comfy vans 🙂
You’ll have lots of options to explore the breweries of Vancouver over the holidays with Vancouver Brewery Tours; we’re running our entire line up of Public Brewery Tours with a tour for every day of the week during the holidays. Check out our schedule below and contact us if you have any questions!

Wednesday December 28th

Walking Brewery Tour of Brewery Creek – 2pm-5pm
Vancouver Brewery Tour – Beer and Food Tour – 4pm-8pm

Thursday December 29th

Vancouver Brewery Tour – 5pm-8pm

Friday December 30th

Vancouver Brewery Tour – 4pm-8pm

Saturday December 31st

Vancouver Brewery Tour – 12pm-3pm




Vancouver Brewery Tours Inc - Andina Brewing Co. Powell St Location

New Vancouver Breweries Set to Open in 2017

New Vancouver Breweries Set to Open in 2017

Doesn’t East Vancouver have enough craft breweries? Surely there can’t be room for any more new breweries to open up in Yeast Van or Brewery Creek?  We get this question on tour ALL THE TIME from our brewery tour guests when they learn about how many craft breweries have opened (and continue to open!) in Vancouver. And the short answer is hell yes there is room for more new Vancouver Breweries!

2016 saw another spurt of growth in new breweries in Vancouver, and 2017 is poised to see the same. Put it this way, as more and more people discover craft beer and shift their buying habits to supporting and purchasing beer made locally, demand will continue to rise in Vancouver with new breweries opening to supply that demand.

So what are the new Vancouver breweries coming in 2017? We’ve got the inside scoop on two notable Vancouver craft breweries opening up in Yeast Van soon!

Andina Brewing Co.

Possibly the most anticipated new Vancouver brewery opening of 2017, Andina Brewing Co. is expected to open their doors in early 2017. Located in the heart of Yeast Van on Powell St. in what is a can’t miss big yellow building, Andina Brewing will be Vancouver’s first South American themed brewery, with their beers, food and décor all taking inspiration from the owner’s Columbian roots.

Vancouver Brewery Tours Inc - Andina Brewing Co. - New Vancouver BreweryHead Brewer Andrew Powers brings his hands on brewing experience from Red Truck Beer Co. and passion for making Vancouver craft beer to his new role, and promises a fusion of South American and Canadian styled beers including a Pilsner, Blonde IPA, Andean Mild Ale and more.  To further add to his brewing knowledge and expertise, Andrew received his International Brewing Diploma from Siebel’s The World Brewing Academy.

The brewery is huge and will house a full tasting room, growler fill station, kitchen, merchandise and even a stage for live music. Plans for the décor sound unique again taking inspiration from Latin culture. Cans and bottles are being planned from a brew house that is currently being built in anticipation of their opening.

Website: Andina Brewing Co.
Facebook: Andina Brewing Co.

East Van Brewing Co.

Vancouver Brewery Tours Inc. - East Van Brewing Co. - New Vancouver BreweryThat’s right, East Van is getting its own namesake craft brewery in Vancouver. East Van Brewing Co. is expected to open in early to mid 2017 and promises a wide range of westcoast inspired beers. While the brewery is currently in construction, beers have been produced under the East Van Brewing Co. brand for some time, and are currently available on tap at local Vancouver pubs including the London Pub, Manchester Pub, Narrows Public House, the Two Lions Pub and Stateside Craft.

The company has recently hired a head brewer to lead beer production, and Vancouver Brewery Tours is proud to announce one of our very own brewery tour guide alumni James Labbe as head brewer. James brings many years of homebrewing experience and years of commercial brewing experience at Steamworks Brewing and Deep Cove Brewers and Distillers.

The brewery is currently under construction in an unknown East Van Location.
Website: East Van Brewing Co.
Facebook: East Van Brewing Co.

Check back soon as we post more updates!



Dine Out Vancouver - Vancouver Brewery Tours Inc. - Canned Beers at Strange Fellows Brewing

What’s in a Brew? 8 Craft Beers for Wine Lovers

8 Craft Beers for Wine Lovers (and my personal tips)

It’s not unusual to have the odd person on our Vancouver Brewery Tours who declares themselves a “true winer lover” over a beer lover. We do our best to open their eyes to the beer world and suggest styles that are milder and less hop-forward to get started. This article from the Chronicle Herald gives some great suggestions for beers if you’re trying to win over a wine lover. Find out what their favourite type of wine is and try one of their suggested substitutes. We’re sure you’ll find a suitable example from our Vancouver breweries. You can read the full article here. 

There’s really no reason to think there isn’t a local craft beer that will appeal to them — they just may not have been introduced to the right style.

Like a Cabernet Sauvignon? Try an India Pale Ale

If you like Cabernet Sauvignon you are likely not afraid of flavour or a little bit tannic bitterness. Tannins, found in grape skins and oak, provide red wines their appetizingly dry finishes much like hops do for beer. India Pale Ale is the beer world’s Cabernet Sauvignon, as they possess elevated hop bitterness in the finish.

(So many great local Vancouver Brewery examples. Try the BC Beer Awards Best in Show – Steamworks Brewing Flagship IPA. Other fine examples include Doan Craft Brewing Co’s West Coast IPA and Strathcona Beer Co’s English IPA)

Like a Reisling? Try a Wit 

Vancouver Brewery Tours Inc. - Canned Beers at Strange Fellows BrewingRiesling has a love it or hate like relationship with many wine lovers. I love it when it’s made well. I suspect there is a similar reaction to Belgian-style Wit with beer drinkers. Great Rieslings possess remarkably fragrant aromatic profiles and even when made into sweeter edged styles remain balanced. The same applies to Wit, which can have almost sweet citrus flavour, accented by mild exotic spice notes. When made well they have a refreshingly tart finish to counterbalance any perceived sweetness.

(Local examples – Strange Fellows Brewing Jongleur Wit or Big Rock Urban Rhubarb Wit)

The biggest overarching difference between wine and beer is the natural acidity of wine, but there is any number of beer styles that have a tart character.

Personally, I’ve introduced my wine loving friends to kettle sours. Easy WIN! Good examples are Brassneck Brewery’s Changeling or Powell Street Craft Brewery’s Sour Series (any of them). I even had one friend turn from wine to beer after trying the VERY flavourful Storm Brewing Flanders Imperial Sour. You just never know!

Both sour beers and Burgundian Pinot Noir have a sort of Holy Grail element to them, as when they strike the right chord of controlled funk and edgy sourness that can teeter on vinegary disaster they are sublime. David Flaherty, in an article published in Serious Eats, once said:

“It smelled of horse butt, dabbed with vinegar and blue cheese” as a positive description of his first experience with a legendary sour beer.

Good luck! Remember, just go slow. If in the end, they don’t find something they like, just be patient (and try, try again). Don’t forget to “Drink Locally.”  😉


Cheers, Monica

Vancouver Brewery Tours Inc. - Beer Line Up at Bridge Brewing

Cross that Bridge!

Exploring the Craft Breweries of North Vancouver – Updated February 2017

Unless you’ve lived under a rock for the last 4 years, you’ve probably heard of Vancouver’s exploding craft beer scene. Support for our local breweries continues to pour in and new breweries continue to open in neighborhoods like the famous Brewery Creek District, Yeast Van and even around the Downtown core with breweries like Postmark and Strathcona Beer Co. But did you know there is another neighborhood of craft breweries not far from these areas just waiting to be discovered? Like how about less than a 10 minute drive from Yeast Van? That’s right; currently with 6 North Vancouver craft breweries, the North Shore is exploding in beer popularity and we’d like to introduce you to what’s happening.


While famous North Vancouver brewpubs Taylor’s Crossing and Sailor Hagar’s have both closed their doors in recent years, a new generation of craft breweries has risen to meet rising demand for craft beer on the North Shore. Vancouver’s first nano-brewery Bridge Brewing opened first, followed by Deep Cove Brewers and Distillers with many more following suit in the years to come.
NEW for 2017 – And the good news keeps coming: North Vancouver is getting two new craft breweries in 2017! Lower Londsdale will see the opening of two new North Vancouver craft breweries with Streetcar Brewing and Beere Brewing Co. set to open their doors later this year.


So if you walk into a Yeast Van brewery and the entire staff know your name and prepare your favourite beer even before you get to the bar, we suggest you “Cross that Bridge!” and check out the craft breweries of North Vancouver for something new!

NEW for 2018 – Wildeye Brewing Co.

Website: Wildeye Brewing Co.
Location: Coming Soon, North Vancouver, BC

NEW for 2017 – Beere Brewing Co.

Website: Beere Brewing Co.
Location: 312 Esplanade E., North Vancouver, BC

Bridge Brewing Co.

Website: Bridge Brewing Co
Location: 1448 Charlotte Road, North Vancouver, BC

Deep Cove Brewers and Distillers

Website: Deep Cove Brewers and Distillers
Location: #170-2270 Dollarton Highway, North Vancouver, BC

Green Leaf Brewing Co.

Website:Green Leaf Brewing Co.
Location: Lonsdale Quay Market, North Vancouver, BC

Black Kettle Brewing Co.

Website: Black Kettle Brewing Co.
Location: 720 Copping Street – Unit 106, North Vancouver, BC

Hearthstone Brewery

Website: Hearthstone Brewery
Location: 1015 Marine Dr., North Vancouver, BC

NEW for 2017: Streetcar Brewing

Website: Streetcar Brewing
Location: 123A East 1st Steet, North Vancouver

Map of North Vancouver Craft Breweries



Vancouver Brewery Tours Inc. - New Brewery Partner Luppolo Brewing

New Brewery Partner – Luppolo Brewing Co

Luppolo Brewing Co. - Vancouver Brewery ToursWe are excited to share that we have now partnered with Luppolo Brewing Co., located on Venables Street in Yeast Van. That makes 19 Vancouver Brewery Partners now on tour with us! Luppolo Brewing Co. is available to request for Private Tours and may join one of our Public Tours soon.

Luppolo Brewing Co. is owned and operated by two couples: Eleanor Stewart and Ryan Parfitt, and Anique Ross and Federico (Fede) Stucchi. Ryan, Anique and Eleanor were born and raised in Vancouver and Anique and Eleanor have been friends for over twenty years.

Luppolo (pronounced loop-o-lo) means hops in Italian. We chose an Italian name because of the Italian heritage of two of our owners, but also because many of the values associated with Italian culture – quality, craftsmanship, community and family – really fit with what we’re trying to create at our brewery.

Luppolo Brewing Co. Head brewer, Ryan, enjoys experimenting with different yeasts and hop varietals in both new and old world styles. They have a rotating selection of 8 different beers for customers to enjoy in their lounge. Beer styles including: Fresh Hop Belgian IPA, Dunkelweizen, New World Sour, Saison, Mild, West Coast Farmhouse Ale, Robust Porter and Pale Ale.

There is also a small kitchen at Luppolo Brewing Co. on site producing Italian inspired food such as Italian charcuterie, antipasto, and Italian flatbread sandwiches called piadine. Head in on weekend mornings and you may find fresh Italian baked goods and coffee!

An interesting note about their brew house is that some of the fermentation tanks were purchased from R&B Brewing in Brewery Creek. These are actually horizontal dairy tanks converted for use in making beer, and are very unique in Vancouver.

We can’t wait to get started tasting and touring!


Cheers, Monica

Vancouver Brewery Tours - East Vancouver Brewery Tour

East Vancouver Brewery Tour

East Vancouver brewery tour: 10 must-see spots for craft beer fans

Recently Yellow Pages launched an article promoting the craft breweries of Yeast Van, one of our favourite brewing districts in town. When they went looking for advice and tips for first timers on how to visit the breweries in the area, they interviewed our very own VBT Owner Ryan Mackey!

See the article by Megan Jones on the Yellow Pages site entitled East Vancouver Brewery Tour, or keep reading below!

From the Yellow Pages Website:


Visitors have historically flocked to Vancouver for its gorgeous natural parks, beaches and ski hills. But more recently – thanks to the city’s flourishing craft beer scene – one can add a tour of a local brewery to the must-see list. “Vancouver has experienced an explosion of new craft breweries since 2012,” explains Ryan Mackey, owner of Vancouver Brewery Tours, which takes guests on inspired, informative journeys to the city’s breweries. Many of Vancouver’s most popular breweries have congregated on the city’s east side, in neighbourhoods such as Mount Pleasant and Hastings-Sunrise, where industrial-chic buildings abound and dense pockets of breweries support and encourage one another – hence the district’s latest nickname, Yeast Van.

“East Van is by far our largest brewing district with 10 craft breweries and more on their way,” Ryan explains. “You can sample many beer styles in a short time without travelling far between stops,” he continues. So, next time you’re in the city, head to East Van for a well-deserved tour of the area’s finest breweries. [Photo credit: Vancouver Brewery Tours]

1. Doan’s Craft Brewing Company

Start your brewery tour in eclectic Hastings-Sunrise with a little-known local favourite, Doan’s Craft Brewing. Doan’s was started by three university friends who began brewing in their apartment, and later opened their own brewery and tasting room. Offering four German-style beers, Doan’s is the place to go if you love gaming: the intimate tasting room offers tabletop and arcade games to enjoy with your beer and vegan/vegetarian snacks. Artwork by local illustrator Ola Vola adorns the walls in this whimsical, wonderful brewery; it’s an ideal spot for nerdy-types and beer fans from all walks of life.

2. Storm Brewing

For a highly unique beer, Ryan suggests the Imperial Flanders Sour Ale at Storm Brewing, an outfit much older than others in the area (in operation since 1994, to be exact) that uniquely lacks a tasting room, chairs, tables or food. Rather, visitors sip samples right in the thick of the action (the brewing room itself) by donation or free of charge. Storm’s beers are stocked at bars throughout East Vancouver including Alibi Room, The Brickhouse and The Foundation

3. Callister Brewing

According to Ryan, “Vancouver’s craft beer scene is very supportive and collaborative,” and this one-of-a-kind brewery encapsulates that indestructible community spirit. A co-working brewery, Callister offers independent brewers the tools and commercial facilities necessary to grow their business, without having to set up shop themselves. Between the four brewers represented – Callister, Boombox, Lightheart and Real Cask – the cozy tasting room in Hastings-Sunrise offers more than 10 beers on tap most days of the week.

4. 33 Acres Brewing Company

This ultra-minimalist brewery and tasting room/café is appropriately located in the heart of Mount Pleasant, home to Vancouver’s booming tech, architecture and design industry. Most evenings, 33 Acres is packed with creative-types, who love the brewery’s smooth ambience and beers with creative names – such as 33 Acres of Sunshine and 33 Acres of Nirvana, two beers that get lots of play in this tight-knit community. Gourmet menu items range from in-house roasted pear salad to hot pizza from rotating food trucks out front.

5. Brassneck Brewery

Another popular Mount Pleasant spot, this wedge-shaped brewery and tasting room is less minimal, more Twin Peaks of the future, with its geometric wood paneling, live-edge bar and industrial fixtures. Brassneck‘s tasting flights are especially divine, and well priced at under ten bucks, and growler fills are a reasonable $12 per litre (and that includes the stylish growler). Taps change regularly, which means you’ll never have the same experience twice.

6. Strathcona Beer Company

Once upon a time, a group of 10 friends – who bonded over a love of craft beer and Vancouver’s Strathcona neighbourhood – opened their own brewery in the historic residential area. Strathcona Beer Company‘s four in-house beers – IPA, Belgian Ale, Mild and Seasonal – are excellent and even award-winning, but it’s the brewery’s location that really turns heads: this 12,000-square-foot building constructed in 2016 offers a 67-seat tasting room, gourmet pizza kitchen, and retail area for apparel and brand collaborations.

7. Red Truck Beer Company

The grandfather of Yeast Van, Red Truck Beer Company dates back to 1946, when its founder, Weird Arnold named the brewery after his first vehicle, a 1946 Dodge truck, which he used to transport kegs to the Minor League baseball stadium. Today, the company supplies hundreds of liquor stores, bars and restaurants across the country, and operates weekend tours and tastings at its impressive brewery in Mount Pleasant. The on-site Truck Stop Diner offers all-day beers and food as well as nightly entertainment.

8. Parallel 49 Brewing Co.

This brewery’s story all started with three friends who grew up in East Vancouver, just blocks away from where the brewery now stands just off Victoria Drive. Parallel 49‘s tasting room is open from 11:00 am to 11:00 pm each day – a good thing, too, because prices are excellent. For example, enjoy a 4 oz. glass for just a buck, 12 oz. for three, and four 4 oz. glasses for just four dollars in total. Now, that’s a delicious deal!

9. Strange Fellows Brewing Company

Taking inspiration from the Old World brewers, Strange Fellows‘ barrel program provides aged beers and plenty of sour beers that suit those who adore traditional flavours. Depending on the day, you’ll find about seven packaged beers in the cooler, and just as many on tap in a tasting room that also offers locally sourced snacks and meals. Around the corner, the brewery’s Charles Clark Gallery shares rotating exhibitions from local artists.

10. Postmark Brewing

Postmark Brewing takes inspiration from rugged West Coast lifestyles to produce traditional beers with surprising twists born of collaborations with local groups. Take, for instance, the Oyster Stout: connecting with Fanny Bay Oysters, Postmark added their oyster shells to the boil of this traditional stout beer, gifting it with a delicious, briny flavour. Postmark’s spacious Railtown tasting room offers unique beers, comfort food and an upbeat, social atmosphere that will entertain for hours.

From intimate tasting rooms to large-scale companies, these 10 breweries offer meaningful experiences for expert beer enthusiasts and casual sippers. And for those new to Yeast Van, Ryan’s three-step advice is indelible for first-timers:

  1. Plan ahead. “If you’re looking for someone else to the driving and planning, then one of our popular Vancouver Brewery Tours is a great way to get introduced to our craft beer scene. Alternatively, check out Beer Me BC for a list of breweries in the area, and plan your own walking adventure.”
  2. Avoid peak times. “If you arrive at peak times [weekend evenings] you may have to wait in line. So don’t expect to roll in with a large group on a Saturday evening!”
  3. Expand your horizons. “Most importantly, keep an open mind and try something new!”