Drink Locally

There’s something special about the experience of drinking a fresh, locally made, hand-crafted beer. From the dedicated folks who brew for the love of the craft, to the carefully sourced ingredients, to the local artists who design those funky craft beer labels, there’s a lot more than just beer that goes into that beer in your hand.

That’s where Vancouver Brewery Tours comes in. Our mission is to encourage you to drink locally and support your local breweries. Our goal is to connect locals with their neighbourhood breweries while establishing Vancouver as a premier tourist destination for craft beer. Hop aboard one of our craft brewery tours for a fun, informative and memorable experience, and let us introduce you to the beers that have put Vancouver on the map.

The company was founded on a passion for locally made craft beer and connecting you with the vibrant craft beer community in Vancouver. Since then we’ve led thousands of tours and introduced thousands of locals and tourists from all corners of the globe to the amazing craft beer city that is Vancouver.

We look forward to having you on tour and sharing a craft beer adventure with you.

The Vancouver Brewery Tours team