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Planning a Bachelor Party Brewery Tour?

In a few short months summer is finally coming back to Vancouver and with it the return of wedding season, or as it’s known to us at Vancouver Brewery Tours, Bachelor Party Brewery Tour season! With 4 years experience planning bachelor party brewery tours for literally hundreds of different groups of dudes, you could say we’ve seen it all and then some!

And while celebrating on a bachelor party is a tonne of fun, there is also a lot of work that goes into planning a successful day for the organizer of the group. And while our team takes care of all the details for your group and will make sure your crew has a successful tour, there a few things we recommend to help get the most out of your Vancouver Brewery Tour.

With that in mind, we’ve put together our top suggestions on how to make the most out of your Bachelor Party Brewery Tour with Vancouver Brewery Tours and ensure your man has a great time and leaves his tour ready to take on the next round of festivities!

1) Plan Ahead

Do you have a “must have” day for the bachelor party, or are you flexible on dates? Either way, put your request into us as early as you can. You don’t have to commit to booking your tour right away, but our tours can book up months in advance so it doesn’t hurt to fill out our Private Tour Online Request Form to first see if your date is available. If not, we’ll suggest other available dates that may work for your group. Once you’re ready to move forward with your tour, payment of a deposit will lock down your date and then the fun begins!

2) Choose your Tour Type

Our most popular bachelor party tour is our Vancouver Brewery Tour, which takes you to 3 breweries in just over 3 hours and includes free pick up and drop off, transportation, 1 beer flght per stop, behind the scenes tours and much more. We also offer lots of options for customization. Want to visit a distillery? How about adding a meal to your tour or get dropped off at your favourite restaurant (or the No. 5 Orange) afterwards? You tell us what you want and we’ll make it happen.

3) Breweries to Visit

So many options! You can either leave the planning to us, or we can choose the breweries for you, totally up to you. Choose from 19 of our brewery partners, including Storm Brewing, one of the most popular stops on any of our bachelor party brewery tours.

4) Customize your Experience

Once you’re on tour with us, our experienced guides will work with your group to make sure you get the experience you’re looking for. Want brewery tours at every stop? None of them? Want the focus to be more on tasting beers and getting a few tasting notes for each one? Maybe you’d like to totally geek out and pepper your guide with tough questions? We’re ready!  We’ll also work with your group to put some of your favourite craft beers in front of you and will offer a few suggestions for must try beers at each stop.

5) Take Care of Your Man

The most important tip of the day! While every group wants to have a good time, the best bachelor party brewery tours we’ve seen are the ones that take care of the bachelor and ensure he’ll be in good shape after the tour is over.  How much fun is it really if you feed the bachelor so much beer that they feel sick afterwards? Punishing the bachelor with too much to drink is not fun for anyone! Brewery tours are the lead up to a great evening, not the end of it. Our suggestion? Pace yourself yo! Drinking is fun, laughing hard is fun, going home at 6pm because the bachelor drank too much on tour is NOT fun.

Request a Bachelor Party Brewery Tour

If you’re ready to put a request in, click the online Private Tour Request Form button below.

If you have questions, call 604-318-2280 or email


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Vancouver Brewery Tours Operations Coordinator - Monica Frost

A Decade of Community Service: Our Very Own Monica Frost

Vancouver Brewery Tours Operations Coordinator - Monica FrostCraft beer is our passion at Vancouver Brewery Tours, and every single member of the team applied for a job with us because they wanted to not only express that passion, but also to support the growth of our local craft beer community. As a result we’re lucky to have some serious experience and firepower on the team!

A few of our guides are commercial brewers, homebrewers, Cicerones, advocates, volunteers and much more. Even with all this talent, there is one team member that clearly stands out for not only her experience, but also for her contribution and continued dedication to the community as a whole, and that is our very own Operations Coordinator Monica Frost.

Monica works hard behind the scenes for us coordinating all aspects of our Public and Private Vancouver Brewery Tours, social media, customer service and much, much more. If you’ve ever booked a Private Brewery Tour with us chances are you’ve either spoken to or received emails from Monica as the voice of our tour program. Monica has been with us for over 2 years and continues to not only further our own interests but also the craft beer community as she plans brewery tours with over 19 breweries on our tours.

That is why we were thrilled to see Monica receive much deserved recognition in the most recent edition of What’s Brewing Magazine. Monica was profiled for her “Decade of Community Service” which mentions the various roles she’s held in the community and acknowledges her for her continued contribution.

The full article can be found in the most recent edition of What’s Brewing Magazine here

Ryan Mackey

Owner | Vancouver Brewery Tours




Vancouver Brewery Tours Inc. The boys at Brassneck Brewery

Brewery Feature: Brassneck Brewery

Vancouver Brewery Tours Inc. - Brassneck Brewery Head Brewer Conrad GmoserWhat happens when two of Vancouver’s biggest craft beer pioneers get together and decide to open a brewery? In the case of Brassneck Brewery, nothing short of something special. This week we shine the craft beer spotlight on not only one of Vancouver’s best craft breweries, but also one of the most popular on our Vancouver Brewery Tours, Brassneck Brewery.

The Idea

The brewery was founded by Alibi Room owner Nigel Springthorpe and long time Steamworks Head Brewer Conrad Gmoser. Nigel built his reputation by showcasing and pouring a large selection of local craft beers as well as quality international craft beers at the Alibi Room since 2006. Co-owner Conrad first met Nigel through the Alibi Room, who before opening Brassneck was the accomplished head brewer at Steamworks Brewing and  would recommend speciality beers for Nigel to pour at the Alibi Room. Fast forward a few years, Nigel approached Conrad with the idea of opening a brewery together to which he immediately said yes, and the rest is history.

The Beers

Located on Main Street in the heart of the vibrant and historic Brewery Creek district, Brassneck Brewery opened its doors in October 2013 and in less than 4 short years Brassneck has gained a reputation as one of the leaders in the craft beer craze currently pouring through Vancouver and BC. That reputation has been earned by producing an eclectic and abundant mix of quality beers; since opening day Brassneck Brewery has produced over 100 unique craft beers, a massive feat considering the size of their brew house and tasting room.  At a time when most new Vancouver breweries would open their doors to a taplist consisting of mostly Pale Ales, IPAs, Stouts and more, Brassneck started with arguably the strongest opening beer line up the city has ever scene. With beers like the now famous Inertia Russian Imperial Stout, No Brainer Corn Lager, Mulitweizen 5 Grain Hefeweizen, Passive Aggressive Dry Hopped Pale Ale and much more, let’s just say the bar had been set very high!

The Vibe

Everyone’s got their opinion about their favourite brewery right? Well one of the coolest parts of being a brewery tour guide is hearing first hand from thousands of people a year what they have to say about our craft breweries and what they like about them. In the case of Brassneck, our guests have come to appreciate not only the ever changing taplist, quality brews and comfy tasting room, but also the vibe. Yes, the vibe. Every business works hard to create a culture that is not only a great place to work for its employees, but also a welcoming space where customers can just hang out and enjoy time with friends away from home, and Brassneck has got this dialed in. Filled with some of the most sincere, helpful and knowledgeable staff (and customers!) in town, beer somehow tastes better when you’re surrounded by good company, and good company is always available at Brassneck Brewery.

Brassneck is a regular stop on our tours and can be found on our Walking Vancouver Brewery Tour of Brewery Creek, Craft Beer and Food Brewery Tour every Tuesday night, on our Saturday and Sunday Vancouver Brewery Tours and by request private group tours.

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Vancouver Brewery Tours Inc. Official Pinterest Account of Vancouver Brewery Tours

Vancouver Brewery Tours Now on Pinterest

Vancouver Brewery Tours Now on Pinterest!

Vancouver Brewery Tours Inc. - Official Pinterest Account of Vancouver Brewery ToursDo you like pictures of Vancouver Craft Beer? How about folks having a good time on our tours? We’re happy to announce Vancouver Brewery Tours Inc. now has a Pinterest account full of great photos of the Vancouver craft beer community. From photos from our three different public brewery tours – our Vancouver Brewery Tour, Brewery Creek Walking Tour and Craft Beer and Food Brewery Tour, and plenty more beer-y-licious photos.
You can find Vancouver Brewery Tours on Pinterest here, and make sure to follow us to keep up to date with all things craft beer in Vancouver!

The Vancouver Brewery Tours team.

Vancouver Brewery Tours Inc. - Mariner Brewing Coquitlam

Introducing Mariner Brewing – Coquitlam’s 1st Craft Brewery

Vancouver Brewery Tours Inc. - Mariner Brewing CoquitlamBeing a brewery tour guide has its perks. We get to regularly visit 19 unique craft breweries on tour, talk shop with the brewers, sample limited release beers and get the inside scoop on all the exciting beers and projects coming soon to market. Basically craft beer geek heaven. We also hear whispers of the plans for new breweries, which is always very exciting to learn about new additions to the craft beer community, and with that in mind we’ve got some big news to share with you.

Vancouver Brewery Tours is excited to announce that a new brewery is coming to the Tri-Cities in 2017, Mariner Brewing. Mariner is positioned to be Coquitlam’s first craft brewery, which is kind of a big deal for the growing suburb. With the huge success of the near-by breweries of Port Moody’s Brewers Row, some may say it was only a matter of time until Coquitlam got its very own craft brewery, and now thanks to pioneer and Mariner Brewing Owner Byron Vallis, the time has come.

We had the opportunity to sit down with Byron (pictured here) and learn about his plans for the brewery, and why he chose to bring craft beer to Coquitlam.

And the good news doesn’t stop there. Our interview with Byron and Mariner Brewing will be the 1st in a series of interviews with the owners of new Vancouver breweries poised to open their doors in later 2017/2018.

What is Mariner Brewing?

Mariner Brewing is Coquitlam’s first brewery and is our vision to explore territory unknown and make new discoveries in craft brewing! This concept guides our brewery and everything we do – from the 50 person tasting room and 23hL steam-fired brewhouse to our range of beers in development.  We are very excited to be amongst great company locally and regionally in craft beer in BC and look forward to showing everyone what we are up to!

What is the story behind the name Mariner Brewing?

For us, craft beer is about exploration, great discoveries, and the stories that come from it. Besides being a major road in Coquitlam where we grew up, the name Mariner is tied to navigation, exploration, and living for the journey and the unknown. It was a natural fit and guides us in our development of new flavours and styles of beer but also in our desire to keep evolving and improving our offer.

Why did you choose Coquitlam as a location for Mariner Brewing?

Growing up in Coquitlam, it has always been our home turf. When we saw Coquitlam City Council moving to allow craft breweries, it all made sense. Given the chance to be the first in the city and also close to so many other amazing breweries in other neighbourhoods, Coquitlam was exactly what we were looking for.

When is your expected open date? How is your progress coming along?

We’re working hard to be open Summer 2017! Progress is steady and we’ve been having a lot of fun preparing to make beer for everyone. We’re working through our permits now and are eager to be #buildingabrewery soon. We will keep everyone updated on the progress of Mariner Brewing as things develop through our social channels in the months to come.

Do you have plans for a tasting room, what about growler fills and food?

We have tons of plans for a tasting room! We’ll be opening with a full lounge license with space for 50 people, growler fills, a food menu, and much more. We’ve teamed up with Ply Architecture and the Glasfurd & Walker design team to make Mariner a great place to relax, socialize, meet with friends, and meet new people.

Who will be making beer for Mariner Brewing?

We struck gold with our brewer! We can’t tell you who it is just yet, but they are an experienced local brewer and have won several major awards. We couldn’t be more excited about the person behind our beer!

What beer styles will you be focusing on initially and what would you like to do in the future?

Rather than focus on specific styles our approach is to focus on making beer that is flavorful and has a balanced profile. We can’t reveal our opening lineup yet but it will be a mix of progressive takes on traditional and popular styles. We’re also planning a couple sours, some barrel aged beers, and some bottle-conditioned specials. Look out for more details as we get closer to opening. If it’s delicious we want to make it!

How will we be able to get Mariner Beer? Any plans for packaged products or draught accounts?

We’ve been having vivid dreams/nightmares about packaging for months now. Mariner Beer will be available on draft, in growlers, and in carefully boxed cans. We’re also planning some bottle-conditioning and limited edition seasonal releases as well.

What else would you like people to know about Mariner Brewing?

Every year we see new great beers being produced in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, and we can’t wait for Mariner to be in the fray, venturing to bring great beer to everyone and offering something unique to the craft beer market.

How can people follow your progress or get in touch?

We can be found at Mariner Brewing and on social @marinerbeer at the following:


Direct inquiries can email Mariner Brewing owner

Vancouver Brewery Tours Inc. - Boombox Brewing Co at Callister Brewing

Ratebeer Names Brassneck, Steamworks and Boombox in their Best of 2016

Vancouver Brewery Tours Inc. - Boombox Brewing Co at Callister Brewing

RateBeer Best Awards for the year 2016 – award results – just released!

We at Vancouver Brewery Tours are super proud that three of our Brewery Tour Partners made the list this year!

Congrats to:

Steamworks, Boombox and Brassneck are all available to request on Private Brewery Tours. You’ll get to sample Boombox when we hit Callister Brewing Company on Thursday’s Public Vancouver Brewery tour and Brassneck on Saturday and Sunday’s Public Tours. #HopOn
Check out the full list:

Millions and millions of times, RateBeer beer reviewers worldwide have raised a glass to review a new beer. We have tallied those scores and now present them as our RateBeer Best competition results.
But before we get to those, I’d like to raise a glass to the people who make the beer we drink. These men and women are the artists, engineers, visionaries, chefs, CEOs and of course janitors and many other roles combined that are today’s craft brewer. I’ve had the pleasure of sharing a beer with many around the craft beer industry and there are no more passionate, skilled, brave and hard working people on the planet. The great success of craft beer around the world is further testament to this.

It’s my great pleasure to honor them, and all those in the craft beer industry, with the results of this year’s RateBeer Best.

Vancouver Brewery Tours Inc. Craft Beer and Tacos Brewery Tour Tacos

Craft Beer and Tacos Tour in the Georgia Straight

Vancouver Brewery Tours Inc. Craft Beer and Tacos Brewery TourDine Out 2017 is just around the corner and we’re super excited to launch our Craft Beer and Tacos Brewery Tour! We’ve put together a whole new tour for Dine Out this year celebrating our two favourite things and can’t wait to introduce our guests to our beer stops at Strathcona Brewing and Big Rock Urban Brewing and for the main course of tacos at Tacofino Gastown.

Our tour was just featured in the Georgia Straight as one of the top “booze related” Dine Out events and in case you missed it, you can read the article below!

There’s only a few seats left on tour, click here if you love tacos and craft beer!

Craft Beer & Tacos Tour

Various dates, departing from Waterfront Station

We could go on and on about Vancouver’s mind-blowing craft-beer and international-food scenes, but let’s be real: this event sells itself.

Join Vancouver Brewery Tours for a taste of some of the city’s most talked-about suds as you’re chauffeured to Big Rock Urban Brewery and Strathcona Beer Company for insider peeks behind the brewmasters’ doors.

Your evening is capped off with a Mexican-inspired feast in Gastown, where you can balance all that beer-guzzling with a few of Tacofino‘s award-winning plates.
Tickets are $98.25, including tax.

Click here for the full article by Lucy Lau from the Georgia Straight entitled “9 booze-related events to explore at Dine Out Vancouver 2017”



Vancouver Brewery Tours Inc. - BC Beer Wars

BC Beer Wars 2017 is underway!

Vancouver Brewery Tours Inc. - BC Beer WarsBC Beer Wars: Local breweries enter the boxing ring for at-risk youth

BC Beer Wars is an annual collaborative fundraiser between Vancouver and Victoria’s Craft Beer and Boxing communities. Participants from over a dozen local craft breweries take part in an intensive three month training regime to prepare themselves for a sold out boxing card at participating venues. Funds raised from Beer Wars benefit local gyms – Eastside Boxing Club located in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside and Victoria Boxing Club located in Victoria. Both community based non-profits aim to better their communities through boxing Community boxing programs for at risk youth and women that have been exposed to violence.

VBT in collaboration with our Brewery Partner Storm Brewing, has sponsored one of our Brewery Tour Guides to compete. Dave is pumped and training started today!

Several teasers will lead up to the main event including open sparring sessions. The main event is coming up at the end of April. Date tbc.

Good luck to everyone competing and props to Eastside Boxing Club and Victoria Boxing Club for organizing this amazing fundraiser for the community.

If you’d like to know more about Eastside Boxing Club’s community programs check it out here.


The Beer and Growler List at Storm Brewing

Brewery Feature: Storm Brewing

Vancouver Brewery Tours Inc. Storm Brewing Owner James Walton outisde the breweryThis month we shine the spotlight on one of the most popular breweries on our tour, the one and only Storm Brewing!

Storm Brewing has been on our brewery tours since the day we launched our business in June 2013, and is consistently voted as one of the most popular breweries on our Vancouver Brewery Tour – no small feat considering the abundance of craft breweries in Vancouver and the amount of craft beer choices out there. So why is Storm Brewing such a hit with our brewery tour guests? Well in short, there’s nothing quite like Storm.

Storm Brewing opened its doors in 1995 in a small building the heart of East Vancouver at Commercial and Hastings. The owner James Walton had been brewing beer for a few decades and at the time was unsatisfied with the beer being produced in Vancouver, and like any aspiring entrepreneur thought he could do a better job and make better beer. From there James traveled out to a scrap yard in New Westminster and found almost everything he needed to open his new brewery! Both the Mash Tun and Boil Kettle, still in use today, were purchased from this scrap yard and re purposed to make beer. Can you say Mad Scientist anyone?

It was also around this time that James took inspiration from Belgium and began producing sour beers. Truly ahead of his time, James was one of the first brewers in North America to begin experimenting with the style. While the beer has changed over the years, Storm Brewing now produces the infamous Imperial Flanders Sour Ale, an 11% sour beer which will truly make your mouth water and pucker!

While James began producing some of the mainstay beers that have made Storm famous in 1994, beers like the Highland Scottish Ale, the Black Plague Stout, Precipitation Pilsner and the Hurricane IPA, he also realized his true passion, and that was producing truly unique and adventurous beers.  Called Brainstorms, these weekly one offs are considered some of the most unique, and higher ABV beers made in Vancouver. Beers like the Basil IPA, Echinacea Stout, Wormwood Ale and the hugely successfully Whisky Vanilla Stout. No trip to Storm is complete without sampling your way through the weekly Brainstorms!

And speaking of James, his approachable demeanour and kind heart is one of the reasons why the brewery is so popular with our guests. He’s happy to tell the Storm story to anyone who will listen, and is always happy to talk beer with aspiring brewers or just folks who love his beer. He’s also surrounded himself with some of the best beer staff in the Vancouver brewery scene, and once you’ve visited Storm you’ll know what we’re talking about. The beer is great, and the staff are even better.

Another reason why guests love Storm Brewing is the brewery itself. Made before the tasting room culture took hold in Vancouver, Storm is truly a working brewery and one of the “grittiest” spaces in the entire craft beer community in Vancouver. You could say the brewery perfectly captures the spirit of East Vancouver where the brewery resides. We could write about it all we want, but you truly have to visit Storm Brewing and experience the brewery yourself to “get it”.

So next time you hop on tour with us, or plan your own walking brewery tour of Vancouver, make sure you visit Storm Brewing. Our advice? Keep an open mind, be adventurous with the beer selection and chat up the staff for a true East Van beer experience.