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Join Our Team! Now Hiring Brewery Tour Guides

The Opportunity: Brewery Tour Guide

How would you like to get paid to talk about craft beer? Do you enjoy showing people a good time? Or maybe you’d like to meet the staff, brewers and owners of almost every brewery in Vancouver? If you answered yes to any of these then we think you’d make a great brewery tour guide and you should apply now!

We’re a small team with a big passion for our local craft beer community and take pride in connecting locals and tourists with the craft breweries of Vancouver. We’re seeking a passionate and knowledgeable brewery tour guide to join our growing team.  The position is part time and on-call, mostly evenings and weekends. The successful candidate must be available every Saturday with other weekday/weekend shifts available upon request. Shifts are 5-8 hours long. We offer industry leading hourly rates with access to competitive gratuities, and provide a comprehensive training program to support your success.

Think you’re right for the job?  Here’s what we’re looking for:

  • Passion for locally made craft beer is a MUST
  • Sound knowledge of craft beer, or be willing to learn: including beer styles, the brewing process, and familiarity with the Vancouver brewery scene in general
  • Ability to command and captivate a crowd, and lead a tour for groups of all size
  • Be 100% responsible for a positive and memorable experience for each and every guest
  • Captivating storytelling and sales abilities
  • Outstanding customer service skills
  • Skilled conversationalist
  • Clean and professional appearance
  • Respectful sense of humour and a laugh that lights up a room!
  • Positive and enthusiastic attitude
  • Acute time management skills
  • Ability to project your voice in loud spaces
  • Professional and goal oriented approach to your work

Primary Requirements

We are searching for 3 types of candidates:

  • STRONG experience in the local craft beer scene (brewers, home brewers, liquor store, bartenders, etc) and WILLING to obtain a Class 4 driver’s license.
  • SOME craft beer experience and WILLING to obtain a Class 4 driver’s license.
  • Holds a Class 4 License AND strong craft beer experience? Skip the interview you’re hired!

Other Requirements

  • Experience as a tour guide an asset but not required
  • Have a smartphone with access to social media
  • PC or Mac with access to the Microsoft suite of products
  • Aged 19 or over
  • Please note a criminal record check and ICBC driver’s abstract will be requested from the successful candidate

How to apply

  1. Email a PDF or Word document of your resume along with a cover letter. In your cover letter show us a little personality! Please tell us the following:
  • Why you’ll make the perfect brewery tour guide
  • What is your beer experience – do you homebrew? Have you worked in a brewery? How well do you know the Vancouver craft beer scene and/or beer styles? And more.
  • Do you hold a Class 4 License? Yes or No. If not are you willing to obtain one.
  • About your favourite Vancouver brewery and why you think others should support them
  1. Submit your application to

Due to the amount of applications received, we will only be contacting potential candidates. Thank you for your interest and good luck!

Vancouver Brewery Tours - Great Canadian Beer Festival

Saying I Do – To the Great Canadian Beer Festival

The Great Canadian Beer Festival

Vancouver Brewery Tours - Great Canadian Beer FestivalGrowing up in the craft beer capital of Canada had its benefits. I first started drinking craft beer when I was 19 and at the time I was a fierce advocate for supporting locally made products. So when I started looking around Victoria for who was making local beer, boy was I in for a surprise – Victoria had a well-established local craft beer community and had just started a soon-to-be long standing tradition, the Great Canadian Beer Festival.

While drinking locally was always important to me, so was having a good time at 19. When I first heard about a new beer festival in Victoria I signed up right away. The first Great Canadian Beer Festival I ever did was back in the (very) early days when it used to be located in the Victoria Convention Centre. It was small, super packed, full of lots of carpet and had more beer in one place then I had ever seen. I was hooked.

Vancouver Brewery Tours - Great Canadian Beer FestivalFast forward a few years and the Great Canadian Beer Festival has become my favourite beer festival of the year, although Farmhouse Fest at UBC is quickly gaining ground. Now held on the grassy grounds of Royal Athletic Park, the festival is the most unique I’ve attended for many reasons. First of all, the culture. What other beer festival in BC attracts so many great costumes? People REALLY get into the spirit of this festival and get super creative with their outfits, which is a great conversation starter with total strangers and is sure to put smiles on your face wherever you turn. People have more FUN at this festival than any other I’ve attended.

Next up is the venue itself. For me part of what makes a good festival is forced interaction. You don’t want to be TOO crammed into a space with other people, but having too large a venue can feel a bit isolating as it doesn’t create opportunities to actually bump into and talk to other people. To me, Royal Athletic Park has the perfect amount of space vs. attendees which creates lots of opportunities to make new friends. Along with ample shade and seating on the grass, the option of retreating into the bleachers to chill and people watch, AND with the Garrick’s Head Pub close by for post festival beers and food, the venue choice at Royal Athletic makes for one great day out.

Vancouver Brewery Tours - Great Canadian Beer FestivalAnd finally the people. While I now live in Vancouver the festival is a great opportunity to “get the band back together” and reconnect with lifelong friends, some of whom I’ve being going to this festival with for MANY years. To make it even sweeter, three years ago I proposed to my wife outside of Spinnakers the night before GCBF (she said yes!) and we announced our engagement the very next day AT GCBF. For these reasons the festival will always have a place in my beer loving heart.

Let’s face it, you can find good beer anywhere in BC these days and there’s lots of great festival options all over the province to choose from, and they’re ALL good festivals, but what fun is drinking craft beer if you don’t have friends to share it with? Don’t have any friends? Don’t worry! Just show up and you’re bound to be treated to some famous Victoria hospitality and meet new ones. To me that’s what makes the Great Canadian Beer Festival so great and why we keep saying YES.


Tickets are still available for both days here: Friday Sept 8th (4-9pm) and Saturday Sept 9th (12-5pm).


Ryan Mackey
Owner | Vancouver Brewery Tours

Photo Credits: Ryan Mackey and The Great Canadian Beer Festival

Brassneck Brewery Canned Beers in Fridge

Hey Ma Look What’s in the Fridge!

Brassneck Brewery Canned Beers in Fridge 2

The Rise of Craft Beer in Cans in Vancouver

If you’ve been buying craft beer in Vancouver lately, you may have noticed something happening across town. While we’re completely spoiled with an incredible selection and variety of locally made craft beers in Vancouver, we also have more choice than ever in what container we drink that beer out of. And while the preferred vessel in the craft beer world has always been 650ml “bomber” bottles, the market is changing and we’re now seeing something new that’s really taking off – enter the rise of craft beer in cans.

Cheap Crappy Beer

Traditionally beer in cans has had a rocky reputation – tinny aluminum flavour, cheap crappy beer made by massive breweries and generally something to stay away from (or pound in quantity at the summer staff party!). However with changes in technology canned beer is actually the freshest way to get beer home and into your belly! Each can is like a mini keg which prevents light and oxygen from entering the can – two spoilers of beer. It was only a matter of time until the craft beer world took notice and started experimenting with cans.

Craft Beer in Cans – When it All Began

Brassneck Brewery Raspberry Changeling in CansThe newest Vancouver Brewery to offer craft beer in cans is none other than local favourites Brassneck Brewery. Traditionally Brassneck beer was only available at the brewery by growler or draught, so it’s kind of a big deal to beer fans that you can roll in and leave with Passive Aggressive and more in cans. But who started all of this? Steamworks Brewery was one of the first Vancouver breweries to offer craft beer in cans. Next up was Bomber Brewing, followed by Parallel 49 Brewing and the list went on from there. The problem was, not all breweries could afford the cost of even a small canning line. With prices starting in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, local breweries went looking for ways to offer their product in an increasingly lucrative new market. Thankfully someone was paying attention and saw an opportunity of a lifetime in the BC craft beer community.

Enter Westcoast Canning

Started by Kevin Pederson and Matt Leslie, Westcoast Canning is Canada’s first mobile canning company. That’s right, their company will literally drive a truck into the loading bay of your brewery, roll out a canning line, receive beer straight from the tank of a brewery and voila – produces instant cans and cans of craft beer. Their business immediately took off and found breweries all over BC and Alberta interested in their services. For the 1st time, even small breweries were now able to offer their product in cans to thirsty consumers.

West Coast Canning

Leaders of the New School

Superflux Beer Company - Contract CanningCraft beer in cans has become so popular in Vancouver you don’t even need to own a brewery to make them! Perhaps the best example of a company capitalizing on the rise of craft beer in cans is Callister Brewing alumni Superflux Beer Company. What started as a contract brewer at Canada’s 1st cooperative brewery is now a small company without a home – that is Superflux does not even own their own brewing space. Their unique business model has them partnering with other breweries and doing contract brewing, meaning they work at other breweries to brew, ferment and can their beer.

Twin Sails Brewing - Hot Take Zero IPU IPAAnother brewery setting new trends in canned craft beer is Twin Sails Brewing in Port Moody. This small Brewers Row brewery has turned canned beer into an absolute craze with new canned beers selling out within days of release. With unique packaging, marketing, and experimental beers focusing mostly on IPA styles and hybrids, Twin Sails Brewing is at the forefront of driving canned sales in the lower mainland.

So, is the Growler Dead?

While cans are king right now, we’ve been hearing rumours that 650ml bomber bottle and growler sales are going down at the breweries. But this doesn’t mean that consumers will stop buying beer in glass containers, it just means that cans are shifting sales away from other products due to demand from the consumer. In short, if you love craft beer in cans you’re going to love buying beer in Vancouver over the next few years.

So what do you think about craft beer in cans? Are you on board with the new trend or is glass still king?