Vancouver Brewery Tours | NOW OPEN

We’re All in This (Bus) Together

We’ve missed you! After a few months of hibernation we’re getting ready and excited to welcome our guests back on our brewery tours. The world has changed since March 2020 and while you can expect the same level of value, fun, and professionalism from our team, there we ask that guests treat our venue partners the way you would want to be treated.

From bus to brewery and back again our commitment to you is that your wellness, and our own, is our top priority. We’ve implemented a thoughtful plan that incorporates best practices from BC’s Restart Plan, WorkSafeBC, our brewery partners and our own policies to ensure you leave our tours as healthy and safe as when you arrived.

Here is What We Are Doing

Tour Guides: We will only lead a tour when healthy enough to do so, and will be wearing masks while in our vans.

Guidelines Posted: Our health and safety plan will be posted in each van for your reference

Van Care and Cleaning: Our vans will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before, during and after each tour. Van windows will be opened to encourage airflow. Your tour guide will be wearing a mask while driving the van. We will encourage our guests to avoid contact with each other and reduce touching our vans whenever possible.

Hand Sanitizer: Will be available on tour and at each brewery.

Max Group Size and Van Seating Plan: Our max group size is 6 guests per van at this time, and the middle seat of each row will be left empty to provide spacing.

Following Brewery Partner Guidelines and Policies: We will keep up date with and adhere to each of our brewery partners specific guidelines on health and safety while we are guests in their business.

Behind the Scenes Tours and Brewery Visits: We will only conduct behind the scenes tours, and visit our brewery partners when they are available and when it is safe to do so. As a result, behind the scenes tours may not be available at every brewery.

Here is What We are Asking You

On the Bus

While in our vans, we all agree to:

Wear Masks On Public Tours: July 1st onwards we ask that guests wear masks in the bus on public tours.
Max Group Size: Pick a number after July 1st.
Use Hand Sanitizer: Will be available for use (also mandatory at each brewery)
Only Hug Your Friend Policy: We suggest you ask permission before making any hugs, it’s been a weird year.
Reduce Contact With the Van: Our guides will open doors so you don’t have to, try to avoid touching door handles, windows, etc)
Provide Personal Contact Information: All guests must sign a waiver and we have your group organizer on file
Be Patient With and Kind to Each Other.

At the Breweries

When entering each brewery, we all agree to:

Follow the Rules: Each brewery has their own health and wellness policies that our tour guides and guests must follow.
Use Hand Sanitizer and Wash Hands: Each guest must use hand sanitizer when entering each brewery (the practice is mandatory for many of our brewery partners) and it’s recommended to wash hands or use sanitizer when leaving the brewery.
Brewery Tour Boundaries: When behind the scenes tours are available, each guest must stay within acceptable tour areas and refrain from touching anything unless directed to do so.


Do you still offer private tours?
Yes.  Our buses are 12, 14, 20, 24, and 36 seats.

Are you offering your weekly Public Tours?
Yes. We are currently offering Public Tours on Friday, Saturday and Sunday each week.  Public tours have a minimum of 4 guests to run.

What is your max group size?
In accordance with WorkSafeBC guidelines, a maximum of 50 guests until October 1st.

Do I have to wear a mask on tour?
Masks are required when travelling in our vans and are not required when drinking beer at the breweries. Masks may be required when touring behind the scenes of each brewery.

Is it safe in your vans?
Yes. Our health and safety plan will be posted in each van for your reference. Our vans are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before, during and after each tour. Windows will be opened to encourage airflow. Your tour guide will be wearing a mask. Guests are being asked to avoid touching the van when possible.

Is your tour guide safe?
Yes. Each tour guide has full training and instruction on leading a safe tour during our current situation and will be wearing a mask and potentially gloves in the van.  Our guide team has all had Covid vaccines.

Do your guides accept cash tips?
Yes. We can also accept credit card tips via square.

It’s the day of a tour and I don’t feel well, what is your cancellation policy?
We are encouraging guests who do not feel well to avoid coming on tour. We will provide the opportunity to reschedule your tour in the event you must cancel due to illness.

Are all the breweries open?
No. While most of our brewery partners are open, some remain closed. We will only visit breweries that have agreed to accept our tour groups.

What breweries will I be visiting on my public tour?
While we have a set line up for our weekly Public Tours, the line ups may be adjusted without notice due to our current situation.

What are the breweries doing to ensure my health and wellness?
Each brewery has their own health and wellness policies and while they may differ slightly, each has been designed to ensure your health and safety.

Are you offering behind the scenes tours at each brewery?
Some of our brewery partners have requested we do not conduct behind the scenes tours at this time to ensure the health and safety of the brew team. All efforts will be made to include breweries on tour that permit behind the scenes tours.

Does the beer still taste good at the brewery?
Better than ever my friends.