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Vancouver Brewery Tours Named One of North America’s Top Tours

We’re pretty excited and humbled to be listed as one of North America’s best tours for 2017 by our friends at the Flight Network! There’s no shortage of great things to do as you travel around our beautiful continent and thankfully the good folks at the Flight Network put together a comprehensive list of must do experiences that includes not only our brewery tours but also our local friends at Vancouver Foodie Tours, Forbidden Vancouver Tours and even our pals down south in Portland at Brewvana Brewery Tours!

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Here’s what the Flight Network had to say about our Vancouver Brewery Tours:

Dates: Year round
Prices: $79.99 CAD
Location: Vancouver, British Columbia
Ready to drink like a local? Then the experts at Vancouver Brewery Tours have your back. These city-wide tours not only showcase Vancouver’s most unique and popular local craft breweries, but highlight some of the best and most historic neighborhoods along the way. Although it’s dubbed the ‘Portland of the north’, you’ll leave this tour with the firm belief that this city can hold it’s own — especially when it comes to craft beers.

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Vancouver Distillery and Brewery Tour - Barrels and Behind the Scenes

Barrels and Behind the Scenes – A Vancouver Distillery and Brewery Tour

NEW TOUR! Announcing Barrels and Behind the Scenes

We’re excited to announce that we have a new weekly tour available to the public. For over 4 years we’ve toured Vancouver’s best craft breweries several times a week, however there’s another vibrant and rapidly growing industry in Vancouver – craft distilling – and we’d love to introduce you! Once only available by request for our Private Group Tours, we’ve made Barrels and Behind the Scenes available to the public. The tour combines the best of both worlds on this exciting Vancouver Distillery and Brewery Tour.

We’ve partnered with the multi-award winning Vancouver distillery Odd Society Spirits on this tour. Located Vancouver Distillery Tour - Barrels and Behind the Scenes - Odd Society Spirits Barrelon Powell Street in East Vancouver’s port district, Odd Society is a craft distillery dedicated to combining Old World traditions with New World ingredients and ingenuity to create a family of spirits that includes Vodka, Gin, Cassis, Sweet Vermouth, Amaro, Oak Aged Vodka, Mongrel and now Whisky! They’ve also been collaborating with local breweries to create barrel-aged beers using their barrels. It’s a match made in heaven!

Each tour will start at Odd Society Spirits to learn about craft spirits, the distillation process and of course enjoy a few samples. Next up is Powell Brewery for all things beer and finally ending at Deep Cove Brewers and Distillers. At each stop we’ll introduce you to the barrel ageing process and its importance to both industries.

When: Our new tour will be running Thursday evenings from 5pm – 8pm.

Itinerary: Stops on tour will include Odd Society Spirits, Powell Brewery and Deep Cove Brewers and Distillers. Pick up and drop off is from Waterfront Station.

Cost: The cost per person is $89.99 plus GST. Includes transportation, grain to glass explanation of the distilling and brewing processes, FREE beer glass and all of your samples and more!


Wildeye Brewing - Vancouver Brewery Tours

Getting Wild on the North Shore with Wildeye Brewing

North Vancouver’s (Soon to be) Newest Brewery – Getting to Know Wildeye Brewing

Wildeye Brewing - Vancouver Brewery ToursWho is Wildeye Brewing?

An enthusiastic group of friends and family that love the beer (and food) industry are genuine about creating a space that’s comfortable with a lively vibe, different but for the right reasons, welcoming to everyone and most of all, somewhere you’re going to get awesome beer and food each and every time.

When is your expected open date?

We are working hard to finalize all of our permits. We have plans to start construction in December and open in the late spring or early summer 2018.

What is the story behind the name Wildeye Brewing?

The name is really a year long process in which we were searching for a name that fits who we are and what we are looking to portray. We tossed around literally hundreds of names, took votes, sent them to marketing teams, friends, family and general public and eventually rested on Wildeye Brewing. There was also a vision for a logo to go along with the name. Together, we wanted something that was different, something nobody had ever seen before, unique almost unrecognizable. This way, once you’ve seen it for the first time, there’s no doubt left as to where you now know it from. Both the name and our logo needed to have a bit of ‘edge’ a bit of risk and just plain cool factor. At the end of the day, we are very happy with our branding, and look forward to having some fun with the name and the one-eyed creature.

Why did you choose North Vancouver as a home for Wildeye Brewing, and where is the brewery located?

The process by all means was not easy. It took us over year to find the perfect location. We were looking for a space that would check as many boxes on our list as possible. The space needed to be sized right first and foremost. One that would allow us to have all aspects of a brewery in one place. A tasting lounge, large inviting bar area, some functional private and entertainment space, ample space to house our equipment and all the supplies. We also wanted somewhere we could grow into as volume increases and features of the brewery begin to take shape like our plans for a full service kitchen and games area. Lastly, we wanted high traffic and high visibility. By getting the 1389 Main St location in North Vancouver, we accomplished everything we were looking for.

Does Wildeye Brewing have a head brewer?Wildeye Brewing Brewery - Vancouver Brewery Tours - North Vancouver

We do. We’ve hired a rock star who really knows his stuff. He took us on a small journey of his portfolio and wow were we impressed. We’re not quite ready to let the cat out of the bag yet on just who this guy is, but we’re more than excited to get him in his lab whipping up some amazing pints.

What beer styles will you be focusing on initially and what would you like to do in the future?

We are starting with the core beers- IPA, Pilsner, Ales, and Stout. We will start with 5-6 core beers but will also have a variety of ‘tasting room only’ and ‘seasonal’ beers. Our final tap will be named ‘tap 51’ which will always be rotating. This will be a very fun and adventurous tap to really let the head brewer play around with recipes, have some fun and show everyone his skills. It may be a secret tap where by we let the consumer try and guess whats in it.

How will we be able to get Wildeye Beer?

When we first open we will only be packaging the core beers. You will be able to find us on tap and in private liquor stores, and of course in our tasting room.

Wildeye Brewing Open House - Vancouver Brewery ToursDo you have plans for a tasting room, packaged product, growler fills, etc?

We have plans for a large tasting room that has a rustic industrial feel to it. Our plans include comfortable seating and couches and hopefully a games room. We are also including a growler system that purges oxygen from the growler and replaces it with CO2. This results in a growler that can last up to a month unopened. You will also be able to purchase off sales from our tasting room. Our longer term plans are to include a kitchen along with a unique menu that ties into the west coast food styles.

How can people follow your progress?

Follow us on Instagram @wildeyebrewing or check us out on our website to follow along with updates. Twitter and Facebook handles to follow soon.

What else would you like people to know about Wildeye Brewing?

For us, its all about the experience, the service, the details of what makes something different, exciting, energetic but comfortable and inviting all at the same time. Our team is hungry, we’re business people, but most of all were passionate beer folks who want to have a great time growing a brewery and tasting room for everyone to come to, feel like they’ve just had an experience for the first time, shared it with their best friends or family and if all goes according to plan, its somewhere you can say you’ve never been before, every time you come


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Book Your Holiday Staff Party Brewery Tour!

Vancouver Brewery Tours Top Tips for Planning a Successful Holiday Staff Party Brewery TourHoliday Staff Party Ideas - Vancouver Brewery Tours - Christmas Party

We know how it works. Each year a lucky staff member gets the task of finding options of holiday staff party ideas for the annual holiday staff party, and while the search can be fun it can also be a bit challenging with so many things to do in Vancouver! Where to start? First of all, we suggest choosing Vancouver Brewery Tours for your staff party this year and take advantage of our years of expertise in delivering the ultimate craft beer experience in Vancouver. Craft Beer + good times = the perfect networking event for your staff and company.

So what exactly is a holiday staff party brewery tour and how does it work? We know organizing can be a lot of work so we’ve put together a handy list of things to consider when planning a staff or corporate brewery tour to get you started.

1) Choose Craft Beer

There’s no shortage of options for holiday staff party ideas, so check with your staff and ensure everyone’s into craft beer and a brewery tour, or if not, take note of how many wine or spirit lovers there are and keep this in mind for later. Check out our Private Tour options on our website to get an idea of your options with Vancouver Brewery Tours.

2) Food or Not to Food

Eating a meal before, during or after a brewery tour is a must, so also think about how you’re going to incorporate food into your holiday staff party. With a full meal included, our popular Craft Beer and Food Tour is worth keeping in mind when you contact us for your holiday staff party.

3) Set a Budget

what is your per person budget? Do you have a maximum you’re able to spend on a holiday staff party?

4) Pick a Date

Are you flexible on dates, or is there only one day when everyone is available? Either way, make a list of all available dates and times when your staff are available for a holiday staff party

5) Request a Holiday Staff Party Tour and Availability with Vancouver Brewery Tours

Let’s get started! The first step is to complete our convenient online brewery tour request form for your holiday staff party as early as possible. You don’t have to know all the details of your request, or even the exact date, but getting your request in early gives you an idea of cost, the options available and most importantly if your dates are available for your holiday staff party. Phone calls are also welcome if you prefer some human contact!


6) Review the Options

Vancouver Brewery Tours will respond to your staff party request within 24 hours providing you with everything you’ll need to make an informed decision on whether a brewery tour is right for your staff party.

7) Pull the Trigger

You’ve talked it over with your boss, you’ve got some excitement going with your work friends so keep the momentum going! Remember, while we may originally say yes to your request, holiday and corporate holiday brewery tours can fill up fast meaning availability can change. Do your best to get back to us as soon as you can and say beer me! We’ll then send you an invoice for the tour deposit that once paid, locks down your date and time.

8) Relax!

Your work is now done, so relax, enjoy a beer and let us take over and guide you through to a successful holiday staff party brewery tour!

Have questions, we’d love to hear from you! Reach out anytime and we’ll gladly support your planning and give your more info on our holiday staff party brewery tours!

The Vancouver Brewery Tours team


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