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7 Great Craft Beer Tours Across Canada

Vancouver Brewery Tours Named One of the Great Craft Beer Tours in Canada

Craft beer has been gaining in popularity ever since some of Canada’s first microbreweries like Granville Island Brewing or Big Rock Brewery opened their doors over 30 years ago. While our country’s craft breweries continue to grow and mature, a new business model has popped up across the country to aid in their continued growth and success – craft beer tour companies.

There are currently only a handful of craft beer focused tour companies across the country, so when Lucas Akroyd from G Adventures got in touch and wanted to profile Vancouver Brewery Tours as part of a Canada wide article about Great Craft Beer Tours Across Canada – we were happy to host Lucas and honoured to be alongside such great company.

Here’s what Lucas had to say about his experience with Vancouver Brewery Tours, and our craft beer community:

“You know you’ll get a complimentary 16-oz pint glass from Vancouver Brewery Tours, but you don’t know who you’ll meet while exploring this budding West Coast beer mecca by van. On my latest three-hour odyssey, I encountered a bachelorette party from Philadelphia and two brothers from Minnesota attending a prosthetics convention. This tour company, founded in 2013, hits up such East Vancouver staples as Main Street Brewing, which boasts tasty seasonals like the Barking Mad Plum Porter, and Strange Fellows, whose flourishing tasting room features the Belgian-style Jongleur Wit and also displays quirky local artwork.”

Read the full article here to see all the great craft beer tours across Canada

Vancouver Brewery Tours - Beer Lovers from the 1800's

The Rise, Fall and Rise Again of Brewery Creek

Local Podcast Captures the 100+ Year Story of Brewery Creek

Did you know that Vancouver Brewery Tours partners with 22 different local craft breweries? Did you also know that all of these breweries are located within 3 main brewing districts – North Vancouver, East Vancouver and Brewery Creek located in the Mount Pleasant/Main Street neighborhood.

The oldest of these neighborhoods has affectionately become known as Brewery Creek. The area has a rich and storied history dating back to the late 1800’s when a fresh water creek ran down from Main Street and emptied into what is now False Creek.

Recently Vancouver Brewery Tours Owner Ryan Mackey was featured on the Echoes Podcast of BCIT Radio Station Evolution 107.9 to talk about what the area is today – one of the most popular neighborhoods for craft breweries and beer fans alike. Also featured is local historian John Atkin who speaks to the storied history of the area.

To learn more about the area, check out the following link, happy listening!


Fresh Hops on the vine - Vancouver Craft Beer

The 2018 Fresh Hop Season is Here!

The 2018 Fresh Hops Season is Here!

It’s that time of the year again… the season we have all been waiting for… when we are able to welcome back fresh hop beers back into our favourite breweries!

What are Fresh Hops?

You might be asking yourself, “what is the difference between fresh hops and regular hops?” and today, we are here to tell you that there really is quite a substantial difference! For example, regular hops are available year-round because they have been dried and frozen in order to preserve them for use whenever the brewers need them. Fresh hops, or ‘wet’ hops, are harvested as whole flower cones and not dried or frozen at all. This preserves the precious hop oils necessary for making an amazingly fresh tasting and delightfully smelling beer that only comes around once a year.

Hops in the wild

What are the origins of Fresh Hop beers in B.C.?

The first craft brewery to make a fresh hop beer in B.C. was Victoria’s very own Driftwood Brewing back in 2009 with their Sartori Harvest IPA. In fact, the story goes that when Driftwood started making this beer they used to harvest the hops first thing in the morning, then race back to the ferry in order to make it back to the brewery where the brew kettle was waiting to brew a freshly hopped beer on the same day of picking said hops. How fresh is that?!

A hop farm

Old Yale Brewing, always the innovators out in Chilliwack, have a fresh hopped beer that has the newly harvested hops thrust into the brew kettle after just 45 minutes! Since 2014 we have seen this delectable beer style explode in popularity with more new breweries jumping on board every year. The next year was also the initial installment of our own fresh hop festival, the B.C. Hop Fest, and it was so successful it has become an annual event. This year, slated to occur again at the end of September. Now in 2018 it seems like just about every brewery has a fresh hop beer in this seasonal style. The number of hop farmers has been increasing rapidly in B.C. to service the growing B.C. Craft Beer scenes thirst for fresh, and regularly provided, hops.

When are Fresh Hops coming to the breweries?

The time is now! Late summer and early autumn is when hop farmers everywhere start to harvest their hops for use in brewing. The fresh hops are meant to be utilized as soon as possible, usually within 24-48 hours, to preserve those fragile oils which produce all the coveted flavours and aromas we obsess about so much. Brewers love to get these amazing fresh hops into their beers, making them super vibrant and fresh tasting while adding pleasant grassy/chlorophyll sensations with a softer hop bite.

You can see a variety of styles like IPA’s, Pale Ales, Amber Ales and Lagers used to showcase the fresh hops. Many of our brewery partners produce fresh hop beers and when hopping (pun intended) onto one of our tours during this limited time, you are certainly in for a treat! Here’s just a few of the breweries where you can expect to see fresh hop beers on tap:

  • Main Street Brewing Co.
  • Red Truck Beer Co.
  • Deep Cove Brewers
  • Bridge Brewing Co
  • Storm Brewing
  • Off the Rail Brewing
  • Steamworks Brewery
  • Big Rock Urban

Hoppy hunting!

Cheers, Cam

Vancouver Brewery Tour Guide


Brut IPA - Postmark Brewing

Hip Hops – BRUT IPAs Have Arrived in Vancouver

Brut IPA - Postmark Brewing

Article by Cam Gerard: Vancouver Brewery Tours Guide & graduate of the SFU Craft Beer and Brewing Essentials program

So Brut IPAs have come to Vancouver recently showing up at three local breweries in the last couple of weeks – Parallel 49, Steamworks and Faculty (with more to come we’re sure). This new style comes in on a wave behind styles such as the Hazy (fruit juice) and Milkshake (soft and smooth) IPAs of the last few years. Of course we still have bitter hopped North West IPAs as well to hold up the old school flavours IPA lovers enjoy.

What’s in a Name?

So what exactly is a Brut IPA? The name “brut” is taken from the terminology used to rank sweetness in Brut IPA - Faculty BrewingChampagne and other sparkling wines — brut is the driest category in that ranking (although it is sometimes subdivided into brut and extra brut). Doing my best craft beer math we get Brut + IPA (which is the most dominant beer style on the West Coast of North America if not the continent) = “Champagne” like beer.

You can expect the beer to be super dry and highly carbonated with a light body. The appearance is a brilliant gold as well as startling clarity. The aroma is complex throwing out fresh citrus fruits, dankness, and petrol like aromatics. The ABV (alcohol by volume) is also on the higher end.

Origins of the BRUT IPA Style

Brut IPA - Parallel 49 Brewing 6 Year AnniversarySo where did this beer come from? Brut IPAs invention is widely credited to Social Kitchen and Brewery’s Brew Master, Kim Sturdavant, in San Francisco over a year ago. To achieve all aforementioned features, Kim used an amlyase enzyme (the amyloglucosidase enzyme derived from a selected strain of Aspergillus niger) normally used to lighten stouts and porters without reducing the ABV. This amylase enzyme is also there to transform all the starches and complex sugars into glucose aka short chain sugars so that the yeast can consume all of the sugars, making the beer very dry. The hopping profile is very light on IBUs with mostly late additions as well as being very heavy on the dry hopping to marry the aroma with a lighter than usual bodied beer.

I have yet to try this particular beer style but it is high on my ISO (in search of) list. I hope it can maintain a place amongst all the other IPAs out there and give us thirsty IPA fans a different alternative. Here’s my list of known Brut IPAs in town, let us know if we’ve missed any!

– Parallel 49 Brewing just recently released a Brut IPA in a cork and cage reminiscent of a champagne bottle – June 15th, 2018.
– Steamwork “Brute IPA” just bottled last Friday – June 15th, 2018 **from an inside source ;)!
– Bridge Brewing Brut IPA  – June 8th, 2018 (check out the Beer Brawlers YouTube video!)
– Faculty have also recently come out with a Brut IPA called “729 Brut IPA” – June 7th ,2018.
– Postmark Brut IPA – May 23rd, 2018
– Yellow Dog “Pop It Like It’s Hop Brut IPA” – May 11th, 2018


Good Buddy Brewing Co. Logo - Vancouver Brewery Tours

Everybody Needs a Good Buddy – Getting to Know Good Buddy Brewing Co.

Good Buddy Brewing Co - Vancouver Brewery Tours

Change is inevitable, and Vancouver’s only co-operative brewery Callister Brewing is well accustomed to change. Each July Callister says goodbye to their current in house breweries and welcomes a new round of aspiring brewers into the craft beer community.  The co-op model is a welcomed opportunity for those looking to test the waters of the business of brewing and has produced some of Vancouver’s most popular beers – perhaps most notably Boom Box Brewing Co. and Superflux Beer Co.

This July, Good Buddy Brewing Co. will be the newest brewery to set up shop in Callister. Founded by Tim Rennie, we had the opportunity to sit down with Tim and learn more about his plans for Vancouver’s newest brewery.

Tell us about Good Buddy Brewing?Good Buddy Brewing Co. Growler - Vancouver Brewery Tours

Good Buddy Brewing is my take at the brewing industry.  We’re sort of the little brother or the goofy friend in the craft beer world.  We want to focus on making beers that are a little weird and playful.  For me drinking beer has always been about hanging out with your friends and family and just having a great time and that’s what I want everyone to feel when they drink GB.  I’m hoping to do a lot of collab beers in the future and feature guest brewers and recipes.  We also plan on posting all of our recipes on our website and if you ever have any questions or just want to talk beer I love that kind of stuff.  This year we are one of the associate brewers at Callister so you can find me slinging beers there once a week.

What inspired you to start Good Buddy Brewing?

I started brewing with my dad at the home brew shop back in Ontario when I was a kid.  Over the years I kept building home brew set ups at the different towns I’ve lived in all over Canada.  I came to Vancouver about 6 years ago and that’s sorta when it clicked that I could do this as a living.  I quit a well paying job I had and took the first beer job I could get which was at Parallel 49 working the bottling line and kegging machine.  The goal for me was always to start something on my own that was a little less industrial than a lot of the other things I saw at the time.  Since then a lot of places have popped up and I’ve worked with a ton of them and made loads of friends.  It’s been about 4 years since I jumped into this game and I keep finding more reasons to love this business.

Why did you choose to partner with Callister Brewing to start your brewery?

Good Buddy Brewing Co. Tim Rennie - Vancouver Brewery ToursI knew Chris and Diana from Vanbrewers and they also gave a presentation at SFU while I was there for the beer program, so I was pretty familiar with their business model.  I’ve seen a few pretty cool breweries come through there so it seemed like a bit of a no brainier.  I’ve been looking at other ways to start a brewery, and there are a lot of them now, and this seemed like the best way to really test out a bunch of recipes and get some feedback on a relatively small budget.  I sent Chris and Diana a ton of emails over Christmas (their probably pretty sick of seeing my name pop up in their inbox) and I was kind of surprised when they gave me the green light because they’re kind of heroes to me.

You have years of experience working for a number of BC’s craft breweries. How will this experience help you now that you’re brewing for yourself?

Once I get something in my head that I want to do I pretty much charge like a bull into figuring that out.  That’s been really helpful for me in this industry.  I went from pretty much pushing a broom at Parallel 49 to doing deliveries at Coal Harbour which eventually led to brewing and some managing and then to my head brewer role at Salt Spring Island Ales, all in a fairly short period of time.  At this point I’ve seen quite a bit of most of the sides of the beer world, but there is always more to learn.  The brewery on Salt Spring is over 20 years old so I had no shortage of things to repair on nearly a daily basis.  I can’t really think of a better way to learn what I’ve learned in a faster time than my time on Salt Spring.  Besides brewing their core beers (which are mostly English ale recipes) I also had the opportunity to make a few of my own recipes which I’m really proud of (most notably the Hazy IPA).  The next challenge is the business side.

How did the name Good Buddy Brewing come to be?

Good Buddy Brewing Co. Cake - Vancouver Brewery ToursA few years ago I was living in Dawson City, Yukon and working in the casino as a black jack dealer.  I put a note in the break room that said if you ever needed the night off just ask your good buddy Tim.  Pretty soon everyone knew me as good buddy Tim.  The cartoon character was also on that note and it kinda became synonymous with the good buddy moniker.  Over the years its kind of evolved into the guy you’ll see on cans today.  I think it also shows a lightheartedness and that I don’t take myself too seriously.

What types of beers will you be focusing on?Good Buddy Brewing Co. Sad Dad IPA - Vancouver Brewery Tours

I have a pretty huge variety of beers that I enjoy so I don’t want to pigeon hole myself too much.  A lot of guys out there stick with a style and I really respect that.  Dagaraad for example does amazing Belgian beers.  I’ve got more of an ADD type personality.  I love things that are wacky so I’d like to focus on that.  I don’t really see much point in making another pale ale or lager since there are so many breweries already doing a great job of that.  I’ve asked my friends in the past to come up with wacky ideas for beers and that’s what I like to do.  I’ve done a wasabi bitter, blonde stout and honey lavender beer in the past (with mixed success) and I’d like to continue to challenge myself with making stuff that’s crazy like that, but also drinkable.  I also love a good hazy IPA, so I’m going to continue to make that.  Basically I know what I like and more importantly what I don’t like so I’m going to keep making that stuff better and better as well as put some challenging beer out there that may or may not be amazing.

What else would you like our readers to know about Good Buddy Brewing?

I’m really at the very beginning of what I hope is a great adventure.  I’m really hoping that I can make beer fun and exciting for everyone, like it is for me.  If you’ve ever had any questions about making or drinking beer I want to be out there to help everyone out with that.  There’s a lot of really smart people in the beer world right now and it can be a bit intimidating.  I’m hoping to be the guy that’s easy to talk to and hang out with.  There’s no stupid questions, only stupid t-shirts.

Connect with Good Buddy Brewing


Langley Brewery Tour - Hosted by Vancouver Brewery Tours Inc.

Father’s Day Brewery Tour

Father’s Day Brewery Tour

Cheers for Beers

The old man is pretty great, isn’t he? He’s always been there for you, had your back on multiple occasions, taught you lots of important skills, passed on the family values… all the good stuff. This year on Father’s Day why not give him a big thank you for his years of dedicated service, fatherly advice and dad jokes?

You could attempt fight the crowds, and parking,  in Deep Cove for a Quarry Rock hike or try and wrestle up a steakhouse reservation (for the record, pretty sure dad is also a champion wrestler). Maybe have dad over for a barbecue, but we all know we’d rather eat dad’s barbecuing. Perhaps your father is more into sports, so a Whitecaps or Canadians game is his ticket.

Let us simplify it for you! We bet two of his favourite things are: spending time with you and drinking beer. Are we right? I have a feeling we’re right.

The third Sunday in June is reserved for dad and making sure you show him a little love. It’s a company favourite over here in terms of special brewery tour days and we want him to enjoy his day as much as possible. The Sunday tour runs from 1:00pm to 4:00pm every week, but we always try to make it a little more special on dad’s day. A 1:00pm start time means that we meet at Waterfront Station by 12:45pm to ensure that the tour can start off right with a quick introduction and the usual start-of-tour formalities.

Our first brewery stop is at Brassneck Brewery on Main Street: a repeated fan favourite. After a delicious sampling of the ever rotating Brassneck lineup we move to Doan’s Craft Brewing Company in East Vancouver. A family business, the Doan’s brothers can perhaps regale us with an old family memory of their own father (who apparently wasn’t much of a beer drinker, clearly the inspiration came from elsewhere!). Third and final tour stop is Bridge Brewing on the North Shore. The perfect location for a final craft beer flight and brew floor tour.

What’s Included in a Father’s Day Brewery Tour?

Vancouver Brewery Tours Shaker Pint

  • Obviously spending time with your dad is the biggest perk of all. The Sunday Vancouver Brewery Tour runs just over three hours, so with some travel time to and from Waterfront Station and either brunch or lunch you got a day with dad! If you are still thirsty for some craft beer, head into Steamworks Brew Pub, where our tours end, for a pint!
  • Of course there is the beer! All brewery stops include a flight of some of the best craft beer anywhere.
  • Our public tours come with some pretty great swag! A VBT Beer Tasting Journal, VBT pen, lots of coasters always available, and of course, the famous VBT Pint Glass!
  • Most importantly, the Father’s Day Vancouver Brewery Tour includes something special! At the final spot, Bridge Brewing, all guests on the tour will receive a FREE BEER to take home. You read that right, a free beer for you and dad to share on the porch or deck as the sun sets on your day well spent.


Book your Father’s Day Vancouver Brewery Tour by clicking HERE.



Vancouver Brewery Tours Turns FIVE

Vancouver Brewery Tours Turns FIVE!

It is hard to believe that this June marks our 5th anniversary in business, and to celebrate turning 5 we’re having a party! Come celebrate and share a beer with us at Strange Fellows Brewing on Sunday June 24th from 3pm-7pm.

Open to the public, we’re hosting an open house style event in the art room/brewery with music, food and of course lots of great beer from our friends at Strange Fellows Brewing.  Come say hi to our staff, members of the beer community and more and help us reflect on 5 years of brewery tours and some fantastic memories.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

When: Sunday June 24th

Time: 3pm-7pm

Where: Strange Fellows Brewing – 1345 Clark Drive, Vancouver. Party will be held in the Art Room and in the back of the brewery

What: Open house with food, music and Strange Fellows Beers

Vancouver Brewery Tours Turns 5


Sundown Brewing Company

New Breweries Coming to Vancouver in 2018

Tap and Barrel - Brewhall - New Vancouver Brewery

Newest Kids on the Brewery Block (NKOTBB)

This city’s thirst for beer has yet to be quenched and new breweries are still opening up at an impressive rate. A lot of work goes into a new brewery, and we at Vancouver Brewery Tours are all very thankful for it. Brewing and serving the beer (the best part!) often only comes after years of paperwork to ensure permits are in order, marketing and branding meetings, sourcing ingredients, community meetings, construction and renovation and an endless amount of re-configuring plans.

Let’s take a look at what new Vancouver breweries we can expect in 2018. Some are already open for business, while others will have us waiting just a little while longer.

Electric Bicycle – Now Open!Electric Bicycle Brewing - New Vancouver Brewery

Electric Bicycle finally opened for business during the May 4th weekend. The colourful, almost Willy Wonka-inspired brewery looks to be an incredible addition to Vancouver’s craft beer scene. Stop by and say ‘hi’ to their Green Man mascot who is usually hanging out outside while listening to all the great tunes (they’ve been championing album releases on their Facebook page ( ). We predict their Think Tank series is going to produce some amazing beers; why not suggest a brew idea next time you are in for a growler fill. So far we’ve seen Dig Dug – a refreshing and crispy beet pale ale with orange peel, Citra and Mandarina Bavaria and sorbet IPA!

Wildeye Brewing

Wildeye Brewing - New Vancouver Brewery

Our latest friends on the North Shore, Wildeye Brewing is already shipping cans of their ‘Black Label Core’ out to private liquor stores around the Greater Vancouver Area. You can also find their beers on tap at quality establishments around town such as Suika (great Japanese snack bar) and Chickpea on Main Street (vegetarian comfort food). Their tasting lounge is slated to open at some point in autumn of 2018, but in the mean time why not grab some cans of their traditional Czech-style Pilsner (very traditional, as in, 1842 traditional), mouth-watering Pale Ale or aromatic IPA.


House of Funk Brewing Company

Not much out there yet on this up and comer also on the North Shore; in fact, they will be located right beside the relatively new Beere Brewing Company. As the name implies, they will be focusing in on the funkier side of brewing. Sounds fun!


We recently blogged about Brewhall but we thought it worth mentioning again. Moving into the now vacant Steel Toad Brewpub, Brewhall will be a really cool new addition to our craft beer community. Brewhall is bringing the idea of a traditional German beer hall to Vancouver. A place where you can drink local, delicious beer, snack down on some tasty food in a collective hang out space and play vintage arcade games in their Beercade! Brewhall will also serve as a collaborative and experimental brewery with lots of creative beers. Check out their website, they’re hiring.

Callister Brewing Contract Brewers

Our friends at Callister Brewing are always working on something new and this time it is a full swap out at their amazing collaborative brewing space. Long time tenants Real Cask Ales, Night Owl Brewing and Morning Star Brewing are moving on. While we will miss them, the collaborative space is meant to be shared so we eagerly welcome the new brewing tenants. Two have been confirmed so far:

Good Buddy Contract Brewers

Good Buddy Brewing Company





Sundown Contract Brewers

Sundown Brewing Company





Streetcar Brewing

Another new brewery in the Lower Lonsdale area of North Vancouver keeping a relatively low profile. Not 100% open for business yet, but we believe there is some wonderful beer to come! If you were lucky enough to try the North Shore collab brewed Triple IPA produced for Vancouver’s North Shore Craft Beer Week, you tasted some of their handiwork.



Tap and Barrel - Brewhall - New Vancouver Brewery

Brewhall Is Coming to Olympic Village

Tap and Barrel - Brewhall


Exciting news today from the people who brought you locally owned and operated Tap and Barrel Restaurants. Anticipation has been high for the opening of a new brewery in the former Steel Toad Brewing space on East 2nd in Olympic Village, and today it was announced that BREWHALL will be the new tenant opening in late June of 2018.

For more information, see below for the official announcement from Tap and Barrel. We’re looking forward to introducing our guests to the new brewery!


VANCOUVER, BC, MAY 23, 2018 – Tap & Barrel Restaurants has announced that its new concept, opening in the former Steel Toad Brewery space, will be called BREWHALL – the first and only place of its kind in Vancouver incorporating a brewery and a large-scale beer hall. The name and concept of the new location has been highly-anticipated since the company announced possession of the heritage Opsal Steel Building located at 97 East 2nd Avenue earlier this year.

BREWHALL is “a collaborative craft brewery and food hall that brings the community together in one space and encourages our inner child to play and explore,” states Tap & Barrel Founder, Daniel Frankel. He adds, “it has been a dream to take our brewing collaborations to a whole new level, and to create a community hall where people can inspire and be inspired.” Whether it be for a meeting, celebration, or catch-up with friends, the space has something for everyone from its quiet section with outlets and USB plug-ins to its games area, the Beercade, with arcade favourites.

BREWHALL is a 10-tank brewery, where Head Brewer, Kerry Dyson, will focus on collaboration beers that push the boundaries on small-batch product innovation in BC’s burgeoning beer scene. Currently, the tanks hold a signature Pale Ale, IPA, and Saison along with a Rye Lager brewed in collaboration with Doan’s Craft Brewing Company. On May 23, 2018, BREWHALL is hosting a private pioneering event, where behind closed doors, eight Brewmasters from Vancouver’s Brewery Creek neighbourhood will create a unique collaboration for craft beer lovers, a White IPA. The following local breweries will be represented at this very special inaugural collaboration event: Faculty, Main St., Brassneck, 33 Acres, Red Truck, Electric Bicycle, R&B and of course, BREWHALL.

BREWHALL’s fast-casual menu will shine a spotlight on local ingredients and healthful options, sectioned into shareables, bowls, handhelds, pizzas, and desserts. The food menu, available for both eat-in and take-out, complements the beverage program that puts an emphasis on west coast craft beer. BREWHALL also offers a carefully curated selection of premium local wines on tap along with innovative cocktails, both on tap and handcrafted.

BREWHALL is set to open late June; however, the company is excited to launch its proprietary BREWHALL beer at its existing Tap & Barrel locations by early June.

About Tap & Barrel Restaurants

Daniel Frankel opened the first Tap & Barrel in mid-July 2012 in Vancouver’s Olympic Village. Feeling that too many restaurants provide the same experience, Frankel wanted to curate a platform offering the best of local purveyors, where guests can always try something new. Tap & Barrel is heavily focused on a sustainable beverage program, exclusively serving local independent craft beer and premium BC wines exclusively on tap, along with a strong emphasis on artisanal food producers from around the province. Driven by passion, this Vancouver company has grown to six locations, which includes two TAPshack concepts, and its newest BREWHALL brewery and beer hall opening early summer. More information on BREWHALL can be found at  

Tap and Barrel - Brewhall logo


Vancouver Craft Beer Week 2018 - Beer Festival

Vancouver Craft Beer Week Returns!

Vancouver Craft Beer Week 2018 - Beer FestivalVancouver Craft Beer Week started in 2010 and has quickly grown into one of the biggest and most popular craft beer events in BC. On the heels of their 10 year anniversary, VCBW returns to the historic PNE for the 9th year of celebrating all things craft beer in BC and this year promises to be one of the biggest.

Featuring over 100 breweries pouring a selection of over 300 beers and ciders, Vancouver Craft Beer Week also celebrates music, food, art and more and is one of the best parties of the year.

Vancouver Brewery Tours is proud to support VCBW with a feature event – the launch of our Gastown Pub Walks. Happening Thursday May 31st, the tour runs from 3pm-6pm and showcases not only some of our best local pubs, but also the historic Gastown neighborhood – birthplace of BC’s original ale trail!

For more information on Vancouver Craft Beer Week :

For more information on VCBW event Gastown Pub Walks: