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The latest list of the best breweries in the city was recently released by our friends at TripSavvy ( These lists are published fairly often by all sorts of different websites, magazines, social media influencers and of course, from within the local beer community itself. Do we happen to like this list in particular because we work with 9 out of the 10 breweries listed… you bet it is! Tourism is a big industry in this city, and if tourists are using this list as a starting point, they’re doing pretty great!


A lot of the usual suspects are on the list, Brassneck, Strange Fellows Brewing, Parallel 49 and Main Street Brewing of course. We are also delighted to see our other good friends up there: Vancouver legend Steve Forsyth’s Off the Rail Brewing, the always cool Postmark Brewing, a personal fave Powell Brewery, every cyclists favourite Bomber Brewing and of course, the perennial local rock stars at Storm.

We are very luck to live and drink in such a rich community of amazing breweries. While this list is hardly exhaustive of the amazing beer that is being brewed here. We are okay with the word getting out a little bit! The sun is shining, and that means summer is here. Grab some friends and join us on a Vancouver Brewery Tour. We visit all of these breweriesBeer Pour and more!

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Beers on Tour