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Airport Car Rentals in Vancouver

We are lucky enough to host beer lovers from all over the globe on our brewery tours. As our craft beer community continues to grow and gain international attention, more people are choosing Vancouver as a craft beer destination. Being new to our city, many of these travellers also need transportation to get out and explore other non-beer activities – and thankfully our friends at Airport Rentals can help!

With over 2000 locations across 150 countries, Airport Rentals is a convenient way to search for and book a vehicle which you can easily pick up at the Vancouver Airport and many other locations. Choose from a fleet of vehicles that include economy cars to luxury 4WD vehicles. They also offer a lowest price guarantee meaning when you book with Airport Rentals you can rest knowing you’re getting the best possible price.

Looking for other fun things to do when visiting Vancouver? Check out the Airport Car Rentals website here for a great list of additional activities, restaurants and of course our fun and informative brewery tours – easy!

Visit for more information and to get your car rental quote today.

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