Vancouver Brewery Tours New Van

After almost 6 years in the brewery tour biz, our fleet continues to expand, and we are happy to announce the newest addition!  All of our vans are named after our favourite beverages –  IPA, ESB, PIL and since we’re also lovers of dark beer it was time this iconic style was represented in our fleet – enter PORT.

PORT continues the tradition of our A-Team like sideways wrap, but with the new addition of almost lifesize growlers taken from our logo. Why growlers? Because to us, they are a symbol of everything our company stands for – drinking locally and supporting our craft beer community. While can sales continue to grow exponentially in Vancouver, growlers are still the best way to connect you with your neighborhood breweries and of course, fresh beer. We think there’s some great van selfies in store for our guests with the new van!

So watch for our newest van driving around Brewery Creek, Yeast Van, North Vancouver and wherever the journey for fresh beer takes us!