Recently we launched our newest tour and for the first time some of our destinations are not breweries! With the addition of our Gastown Pub Walks, we now get the exciting opportunity to support an entirely different segment of Vancouver’s craft beer community – our local pubs.

But what exactly is a Gastown Pub Walk? How are they different from say a Vancouver Pub Crawl? Most people have already heard of a pub crawl and probably have an understanding of how they work, which goes something like this – visit as many gastown pubs as possible in one night and get hammered. Done! A Vancouver pub crawls usually happen later in the evening, are a great way to meet new people, and can be a lot of fun.

By comparison, a Gastown Pub Walk is a much different experience than a pub crawl. While the tours also offer a geVancouver Brewery Tours - Gastown Pub Walknerous amount of craft beer samples, the focus is more on an appreciation for craft beer with plenty of opportunities to learn more about it. Our knowledgeable brewery tour guides know beer and take guests through the brewing process to how to taste beer to pairing beer with food and more. In short, guests will leave having learned a few new things!

Another benefit of our newest tour is the neighborhood we’ll be visiting. Gastown is rich in history and new Vancouver pubs. Between pubs, we’ll introduce our guests to the history of the area and some of its most iconic landmarks.

So there you have it, Gastown Pub Walks are more than just a Vancouver pub crawl or a pub to pub walk, and combine a love of craft beer with an opportunity to learn about our city’s oldest neighborhood. For more information, visit our website here: