Now on Tour for all our Public and Private Tour Guests

Over the years we’ve received a lot of great ideas from our guests about our tours, some practical and others, well let’s just say it probably seemed like a good idea at the time (stripper pole in the van anyone? Yeah I think we’ll pass on this one!

One idea kept coming up and that was some sort of booklet or journal to note and list the wide variety of beers we serve on tour. Well we’ve been listening and think it’s a great idea too. We’re proud to introduce the VBT Beer Tasting Journal now available to all our Public and Private Tour guests.

The Beer Tasting Journal is packed full of useful info to enhance your tour with us. It’s got plenty of pages to list all those tasty beers you’ll enjoy, as well as tips on how to properly taste craft beer and get the most out of each sip. Also, many of our guests ask for recommendations for where to go for post tour beers and food, so we’ve put together a handy map and list of our top places to make it super easy for you. And of course, the Journal is full of much more helpful info.
So in short, we hope you enjoy these little guys as much as we do!

VBT Tasting Journal


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