Luppolo Brewing Co. - Vancouver Brewery ToursWe are excited to share that we have now partnered with Luppolo Brewing Co., located on Venables Street in Yeast Van. That makes 19 Vancouver Brewery Partners now on tour with us! Luppolo Brewing Co. is available to request for Private Tours and may join one of our Public Tours soon.

Luppolo Brewing Co. is owned and operated by two couples: Eleanor Stewart and Ryan Parfitt, and Anique Ross and Federico (Fede) Stucchi. Ryan, Anique and Eleanor were born and raised in Vancouver and Anique and Eleanor have been friends for over twenty years.

Luppolo (pronounced loop-o-lo) means hops in Italian. We chose an Italian name because of the Italian heritage of two of our owners, but also because many of the values associated with Italian culture – quality, craftsmanship, community and family – really fit with what we’re trying to create at our brewery.

Luppolo Brewing Co. Head brewer, Ryan, enjoys experimenting with different yeasts and hop varietals in both new and old world styles. They have a rotating selection of 8 different beers for customers to enjoy in their lounge. Beer styles including: Fresh Hop Belgian IPA, Dunkelweizen, New World Sour, Saison, Mild, West Coast Farmhouse Ale, Robust Porter and Pale Ale.

There is also a small kitchen at Luppolo Brewing Co. on site producing Italian inspired food such as Italian charcuterie, antipasto, and Italian flatbread sandwiches called piadine. Head in on weekend mornings and you may find fresh Italian baked goods and coffee!

An interesting note about their brew house is that some of the fermentation tanks were purchased from R&B Brewing in Brewery Creek. These are actually horizontal dairy tanks converted for use in making beer, and are very unique in Vancouver.

We can’t wait to get started tasting and touring!


Cheers, Monica

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