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It wasn’t long ago when the words East Van conjured up something much different in the minds of locals than it does today. Traditionally the area was known as an affordable neighborhood for the working class with an abundance of industrial zoning. Let’s just say some were a bit nervous to walk alone at night!

Fast forward to present day, and the area is undergoing a complete revitalization attracting new businesses and residents flocking to the character and energy in the area. Most notably is the rise of local craft beer in East Vancouver. With 10 craft breweries and many more new breweries coming, “Yeast Van” as it is affectionately now known has become the epicentre of the craft beer revolution in Vancouver.

The area has become a popular destination for beer lovers due to the abundance of craft breweries in close proximity to each other, many within walking distance making a self-guided brewery tour an easy venture  for locals and tourists. Counting the number of awards the breweries in the area have won, the real winner is the consumer who enjoys a wide variety of beer styles and flavours to choose from. From the Imperial Flanders Sour Ale at Storm Brewing, to the German inspired brews at Doan’s Craft Brewing to the ever changing list of beers at Callister Brewing, there truly is something for everyone in Yeast Van!

We’ve led hundreds of tours in the area and whether it’s by hopping on one of our Vancouver Brewery Tours or planning your own self-guided brewery crawl, we encourage you to venture out and get to know the breweries of Yeast Van today!

Strange Fellows Brewing Co.

Website: Strange Fellows Brewing

Location: 1345 Clark Drive, Vancouver, BC


Luppolo Brewing Co.

Website: Luppolo Brewing

Location: 1123 Venables Street, Vancouver, BC


Off the Rail Brewing

Website: Off the Rail Brewing

Location 1351 Adanac St., Vancouver, BC


Bomber Brewing

Website: Bomber Brewing

Location: 1488 Adanac Street, Vancouver, BC


Powell St. Craft Brewery

Website: Powell St Craft Brewery

Location: 1357 Powell Street, Vancouver, BC


Callister Brewing Co.

Website: Callister Brewing Co.

Location: 1338 Franklin St. Vancouver, BC

Storm Brewing

Website: Storm Brewing

Location: 310 Commercial Drive, Vancouver, BC


Parallel 49 Brewing

Website: Parallel 49 Brewing Co.

Location: 1950 Triumph St. Vancouver, BC

Strathcona Beer Co.

Website: Strathcona Beer Co.

Location: 895 East Hastings Street, Vancouver BC,

Coming Soon – New Vancouver Breweries

Check out these new Vancouver Craft Breweries coming 2017!

Andina Brewing Co.

Website: Andina Brewing Co.

Location: 1507 Powell St. Vancouver, BC

Coming 2017


East Van Brewing Co.

Website: East Van Brewing Co.

Location: TBD!

Coming 2017


Listing Map of East Vancouver Breweries


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