Steel Toad Brewing Co.

Date Opened
October 2014

Brewery Creek

Join us for a Tour of Steel Toad Brewing Company

Steel Toad Brewing Company brews small batch craft beers on site. One can expect both faithful reproductions and creative adaptations of well known classic styles, a rotating selection of distinctive tasting regional styles from around the world, and introductions to some interesting styles that have fallen into relative obscurity.

Housed in the iconic red Opsal Steel building, the brewery is named after the moniker given to the factory workers of the Columbia Block and Tool Company from the early 1900s.


Steel Toad is a full service brewpub. Public Beer Lovers tours do not include the option to purchase food, but food on Private Tours can be arranged in advance.

Buying beer to take home:

Beer is only available to consume on site.

Tours available subject to availability, as we only visit the breweries when it’s convenient for them to have large groups.