Electric Bicycle Brewing

Date Opened
May 2018

Brewery Creek District

Join us for a Tour of Electric Bicycle Brewing

Electric Bicycle Brewing is a brewery experience like no other! We’re delivering an ideal combination of outrageously good beers with gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches, a great atmosphere and grooving music. Elon musk wants to go to mars, but we want to take you to the outer reaches of the beer universe. Electric bicycle is a spot where your co-workers lose their inhibitions, your in-laws learn to love you, and your boss finally gives you that raise. The tasting room has high tops, comfortable booths and long table seating for larger groups, even a few spots at the bar for you and your future ex-so-and-so.


Their lounge serves a range of food, from grilled cheese sandwiches to small fare.

Buying beer to take home:

Beer is available for purchase in various growler sizes, with plans for cans in the future.

Tours available subject to availability, as we only visit the breweries when it’s convenient for them to have large groups.