Callister Brewing Co.

Date Opened
July 2015

“Yeast Van” East Vancouver

Join us for a Tour of Callister Brewing Co.

Callister Brewing is the first of its kind in Canada to operate as a co-working brewery incubator, offering a unique opportunity to support independent, talented brewers. Founded by Christopher Lay (brewmaster and brewery operations) and Diana McKenzie (business operations and soda-maker).

Brewers sign on for a one-year period to join Callister Brewing and brew their own beers. Callister Brewing provides operating and retail space to new, local brewers to produce, package, and sell beer to the public in a low-risk environment while providing the foundation of an existing support and peer-learning network.

There are four distinct breweries operating in-house:

Callister Brewing (Chris Lay): mostly European beer styles, an eclectic mix

  • Boombox Brewing (Kent Courtice, Phil Spurgeon, Ryan Seller): hoppy IPAs and sour beers
  • Lightheart Brewing (Nathaniel Senff): IPAs, European styles
  • Real Cask Brewing (Adam Chatburn): traditional English cask ales served on cask engines


Snacks from East Side Beer Food (samosas, twisty breads, pepperoni) available in the brewery.


2016 BC Beer Awards:

  • 2nd in North American Pale Ale category – One Hop Mind (Callister Brewing)
  • 3rd in North American IPA category – Ultra Deluxe (Boombox Brewing)
  • People’s Choice Award – Pablo Esco Gnar (Boombox Brewing)

Buying beer to take home

Beer is available for purchase in various growler sizes from all of the breweries.

Tours available subject to availability, as we only visit the breweries when it’s convenient for them to have large groups.