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What is a Vancouver Brewery Tour?

Our fun, educational and interactive brewery tours provide you with exclusive behind the scenes access to the inner workings of a craft brewery and are a great way to explore some of Vancouver's most unique neighbourhoods like Brewery Creek and Yeast Van. Take in the smell of fermenting beer, meet the brewery staff, learn about how your favourite beers are made and experience the magic that is the craft beer making process. Oh and let's not forget the samples! Learn more here.

Drinking Locally Blog

Mike's Craft Beer Joins Us for a Tour

Mike Garson aka Mike's Craft Beer Blog joined us for our Friday November 14th tour and it was fantastic to have him along. If you haven't visited Mike's blog you should! He regularly updates the craft beer community with reviews of variou... view article »

The Best Vancouver Craft Breweries as Seen Through Vancouver Brewery Tours

We were honoured to have Dustan from BeerMeBC join us again, one year after his first tour. Dustan was on one of our new tour rotations which took him to Brassneck Brewery, Bomber Brewing and Deep Cove Brewers and Distillers.  "The Vanco... view article »